Top -level non -playing sex underwear show



Sexy underwear is a hot topic in the fashion industry. Every woman hopes to wear a sexy sexy underwear at a special moment.However, some women may not want to wear basewear, which is why there is a top -notch -free bottom -free sexy underwear.

What is a bottomless underwear?

As the name suggests, there is no cover underwear or no cover part, and there are no vests and underwear. Women need to rely on underwear to maintain a good appearance.No basewear is usually some special materials and designs, which can make women feel very comfortable and confident.

Top -level Fundamental Instead Style

Let’s look at the most popular unsatisfactory underwear style in the market.


The hollow -out -free sexy underwear is very sexy and popular.Underwear is usually designed with flower shape or other lace lace, which can show the sexy figure of women.

Close -up

If you like more simple and traditional styles, you can try a close -fitting underwear.Personal underwear usually uses mesh, lace or other decorations to improve the design sense of underwear.


The semi -transparent bottomless sexy underwear is one of the most popular styles.The design of transparent lace and gauze can give people a sexy mystery.

How to choose the unsatient -free sexy underwear that suits you

Although there is no bottom underwear very sexy and fashionable, pay attention to the following factors.


First of all, comfort is very important for any underwear.Especially for women without bottom -up sexy underwear, women need to consider whether naked areas will make them feel uncomfortable.


Choosing the right size is the key.Because there is no cover of underwear and no cover, choosing a suitable size can ensure comfort and ensure that the underwear is in the right place.


When choosing no bottom -up erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to the material.Usually it is best to choose materials with breathability and softness, so as to ensure comfort and fashion.

Best accessories

No bottom -up sexy underwear is a special clothing and requires the best accessories to supplement your overall shape.


The most commonly -fledgling underwear accessories are stockings.Stockings can bring a lot of sexy and skin tone modification effects on your legs.

High heel

High -heeled shoes are also one of the important accessories of unsighty underwear.High -heeled shoes can make your legs look longer, bringing a sense of rhythm and elegance to the entire shape.

How to maintain no bottom -up sexy underwear

No matter which style you have purchased, you need to pay attention to maintenance.


Failure -free erotic underwear is usually very delicate, so it should be cleaned by hand washing. Do not use the washing machine.

Avoid dryer

The fun underwear is very soft. Avoid using the dryer and the air can be air -dried naturally.

Avoid sunlight exposure

After use, it must be stored in a dry and ventilated place and avoid sunlight, otherwise the lace will harden and texture.

in conclusion

Top -level non -bottoming erotic underwear allows your sexy skin to fully display.Choose the right style and accessories, and pay attention to the details during maintenance to ensure its beauty and persistence.

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