The story of the novel man wearing a fun underwear

Interesting underwear that men and women can wear

The concept of sexy underwear seems to have been crazy for women.But in fact, men can also wear sexy underwear.What I want to tell today is the story of a novel actor, why do he wear sexy underwear.However, he chose the kind that men and women can wear -restraint tights.

His psychology

The actor of the story is Yang Tian.He is a person who writes novels and is extremely inspired by his creation.He felt the oppression of time, so he decided to do something that made him feel enjoyable.His heart has always been eager to be restrained. He likes the feeling of being unable to move at will after he likes to be bound.He thought, maybe he could use this feeling to stimulate his inspiration and inject a new force into the inspiration of his writing.

His experience

To this end, he began to understand all kinds of tight -fitting equipment.After some search, he found an online shop with sexy underwear that can be worn by men and women, so he chose a black bondage tights.

His feelings

After wearing a tight body, he felt the feeling of being completely restrained by his body for the first time.He can only be bound in a specific space like a puppet.However, he felt unprecedented freedom.The feeling of constraints liberated him from the shackles of his thinking, and he began to feel the rich details in life.

His creation

In this state, his soul began to open up, and his thinking began.He wrote a novel and wrote two months of day and night. This is the speed and efficiency of his writing, and it is unprecedented.

His consequences

However, Yang Tian also deeply realized the consequences of this constraint and tight clothes.He found that some unknown injuries appeared in some parts of the body.Although the pain was not very serious, he was still very worried.

His lesson

He decided not to wear tights in restraint, because he knew the preciousness of life.He understands that the significance of freedom is to be able to do whatever he wants.Although restraint tights can release his soul, you must be brave to bear the consequences so that you can experience the true fun of freedom.He knows that grasping the inspiration of creation requires courage, perseverance, and more beliefs, rather than binding without worry.

in conclusion

Through Yang Tian’s story, we can see that sexy underwear is not just a woman’s patent.Men can also seek the stimulus and freedom needed for the soul in the world of sexy underwear.However, we must always remember that whether we live or work, we need to cherish freedom in order to better enjoy the joy of life.

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