Tight -fitting underwear temptation

Temptation of tight erotic underwear

With the development of the times, at the same time, as people’s cognition of sex becomes more and more open and free, sexy underwear is not only becoming sexual products but also given more fashion elements.Women in bed.If you want to better understand the sexy underwear, this article is a very good choice

Tight sexy underwear material choice

There are many types of tight -fitting underwear, silk, lace, matte, light, etc., and different underwear with different selection of materials also feel different.The more commonly used materials are silk and lace. The silk is breathable, and it is very lubricated. The lace has a more mysterious and seductive feeling because of the coverage of patterns.For women who want to achieve different styles, they can choose different materials according to their purpose and their own interests.

Select the size of the tight sex underwear

Selection of size is a necessary consideration for choosing tight sexy underwear. Otherwise, no matter what the style is, it will not be able to wear good results.It should be noted that different brands of size are different, and the size of tight sex underwear is generally smaller than ordinary clothing. It is recommended to measure your size before purchasing to avoid waste of money.

Tight sexy underwear style choice

Different people like different styles and necklines, and tight sexy underwear is also no exception.The style has bra, three -point, waist chain, and conjoined, while the neckline has V -shaped, round, square, etc.When choosing a style, you need to choose according to your body and personal preference. At this time, you can try a few different styles to find the one that suits you.

Color choice of tight sex underwear

Color is a particularly important part of sexy underwear, and the color of choosing underwear has a lot to do with the individual’s mood.Common colors are sexy black, red, white and pink. Many people think that black tight -fitting sexy underwear is the sexiest, while red looks more unrestrained and enthusiastic, while pink is more cute and sweet.

Tight sex lingerie matching method

Tight -fitting underwear can be matched with many accessories and clothing, coats, leather pants, long skirts, shorts, in fact, it is actually because of what effect you want to match.If you like sexy, you can choose the see -through tulle of the small incense wind to match; if you like it, you can choose a striped skirt for matching.

Tighter sexy underwear wearing skills

Many women may not understand the wearing skills of tight underwear, such as the details of the tight -fitting lingerie and the length of the shoulder strap.Some underwear needs to manually adjust the size, especially the lace, shape, or stripes behind it to achieve perfect personalities.Of course, not everyone is suitable for tight sexy underwear, and you need to take a serious understanding and selection before you wear it.

Maintenance of tight sex underwear

Because tight -fitting underwear is usually underwear category, maintenance is more detailed than the coat.It is recommended to use a soft plush cloth for cleaning and wiping, and at the same time, it is carried out in accordance with the cleaning method indicated on the underwear label to avoid damage to the material.

Brand analysis of tight sex lingerie

Nowadays, there are many sexy lingerie brands on the market, and there are very few brands of tight sex lingerie.Among them, the more common brands are DUREX, Japan’s tenga, SVAKOM, etc.For different people, brand choices will bring different choices and product experiences, and need to be selected according to their value and expectations of the brand.


The temptation of tight erotic underwear is omnipotent, just like everyone can choose different clothing, everyone can also choose according to their own personality and needs in the choice of sex underwear.What needs to be reminded is not to put the dressing and use of sexy underwear into just sex products, but to see it as a way of self -expression and interest.

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