The story of his wife’s sexy underwear

My wife wears a sexy underwear for the first time

I still remember that day, my wife took out a sexy erotic underwear with great interest.I saw her expression and understood what she was going to do.I am also very excited because I know we will have a different night tonight.

Choose the right sexy underwear

To choose a good erotic underwear, many factors need to be considered, such as driving power, comfort, design style, and so on.These factors will eventually affect the psychological state and physical feelings of the wearer.Therefore, for choosing sexy underwear, you must choose a style and material that suits you.

What is the effect of sexy underwear on our lives

After my wife fell in love with sexy underwear, not only at home, but even when I went out, I would wear some more sexy clothes.Her self -confidence has improved significantly, and it seems that it seems to be more vibrant.For our lives, sexy underwear has a positive impact of stimulating passion and increasing life fun.

The relationship between sexy underwear and body

When wearing a sexy underwear, many women will find that they have a more confident attitude.In terms of physical point of view, sexy underwear has not changed much.But psychologically, after wearing this underwear, women can feel a strong sense of self -satisfaction at any time.

Choosing the correct model is very important

For sexy underwear, it is important to choose the right size.Because if the size is not appropriate, its true meaning may be degraded by infinite extent, so that the correct effect cannot be produced, and it may bring discomfort to the wearer. At this time, in order to comfort and the effect, you should choose suitable for you to be suitable for you.Size.

Four popular series of sexy lingerie beard

The design style of sexy underwear determines what a sexy effect it will produce.A good erotic underwear design should conform to the temperament and hobby of the wearer.Four series: sexy ASIA, European -style luxury, bold America and fresh holidays are very popular choices.

Washing method of sexy underwear

For sexy underwear, if it is not cleaned for a long time, it may have some bacteria breeding.These bacteria are very unfavorable to the health of the wearer.It is recommended to clean it immediately after wearing it. Use warm water and detergent gently. Do not rub it hard.After washing, use your hand to squeeze gently, and then dry it to the ventilated place naturally.

Spring underwear price

When it comes to the price of sexy underwear, it is determined by materials and brands.The brand is different, the quality is different, and the price is different.The price of a basic sexy underwear is about 200 yuan, but the price will also fluctuate, which is related to many factors such as people’s needs, consumption capacity and market environment.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

To choose a suitable sexy underwear, you must first consider whether your body is well -proportioned, and then choose according to your personal preference.It is best to go to the physical store to try on. During the trial process, let the salesperson help adjust the size and find the underwear that is really suitable for them.

Interesting underwear is just embellishment

Although sexy underwear can make our sex life colorful, this is just a embellishment of life.Interest underwear is just a kind of auxiliary means. Real happiness is our mutual understanding, care and respect.Therefore, after wearing sexy underwear, we should pay more attention to the other person’s emotion and psychological state in order to truly achieve the meaning of sexy underwear.

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