The history of permanent interest underwear in Taiwan

Before Taiwanese sexy underwear

In Taiwan, the early underwear industry mainly produced conservative ice muscle underwear and cotton underwear.However, with the development of the economy and the liberation of people’s ideas, sexy underwear has gradually been introduced and produced.

Infusion underwear began

In the 1980s, Taiwanese sexy underwear manufacturers began to introduce sexy underwear of foreign design styles and introduced it to the Taiwan market.These sexy lingerie styles are unique and have a variety of materials, which made the underwear industry in Taiwan began to set off a "sexy underwear trend" at that time.

Sales strategy for sex underwear

Because sexy underwear is a product that is different from traditional underwear. In order to promote sales, manufacturers have begun to adopt some special sales strategies.For example, in underwear stores, sexy underwear is often placed in relatively vague places, and some shop owners will also choose special salespersons to be responsible for sales in the sexy underwear area.

Stores selling sexy underwear

In addition to traditional underwear stores, sexy underwear gradually has its own sales channels, and shops that specialize in selling sexy underwear have appeared.The decoration styles of these shops are often special, and the decoration of some shops can even feel a strong pornographic atmosphere at a glance.At the same time, the types of sexy underwear sold in these stores are also richer, and some shops even sell products such as sex products.

Sex underwear design

With the development of the market, more and more designers have begun to join the design of sexy underwear.These designers constantly try to innovate, incorporate different elements into the design of sexy underwear, making more and more style of sexy underwear and more diverse.

Quota underwear and women’s rights campaign

While women’s participation and awakening of feminist consciousness, women have also spawned a wave of women’s ability to control their underwear.The launch of sexy underwear is also regarded by feminists as an important symbol for women to grant completely independent economic rights and sexual rights.

Sexy underwear towards the international market

Since the 1990s, Taiwan’s sex underwear industry began to march towards the international market.A large number of sexy underwear manufacturers began to participate in the international underwear exhibitions, and some brands also signed international agents to bring Taiwan’s local sexy underwear into the international market.

Falling underwear challenges

With the change of the times and ideas, the market facing sex underwear is constantly changing.Especially on the issue of protecting women’s privacy and rights, sexy underwear must be more focused on brand shape and selection, so that products can be more in line with the market and pay more attention to women’s needs in order to stand in the market.

Today’s Taiwanese sexy underwear

The current Taiwanese underwear market is full of various sexy underwear products.Some erotic underwear focuses on sexy and gender characteristics, while others emphasize women’s freedom and independence, and redefine the value and significance of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

After the sexual underwear market in Taiwan has experienced ups and downs, it has now developed into a mature and diversified market.However, protecting women’s privacy and rights is a topic that sex underwear practitioners need to be continuously considered.Only under the premise of continuous innovation and paying attention to women, the sexy underwear market can develop more stable and long -term.

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