The process of wearing sex underwear

The process of wearing sex underwear

Sexy underwear is regarded as a sexy, charming and unique underwear. Women who wear sexy underwear can show their charm and women’s unique softness.However, wearing sexy underwear is not something every woman can be handy.In the following article, you will understand the process of wearing sexy underwear.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

Whether you want sexy underwear, uniforms, SM equipment or other types of sexy underwear, you need to first understand your body and characteristics so that you can choose the most suitable underwear.If your hips are large, choosing challenging G string pants may not be the best choice.You need to choose underwear that is suitable for your body to make yourself fully show your charm.

Prepare the basic accessories of underwear

Basic accessories of underwear include bra, underwear, stockings, high heels, etc.When selecting accessories, you need to ensure that they match the color and style of sexy underwear.You can choose the same color or similar color as the sexy underwear in order to present a more uniform and high -quality appearance.

Preparation before wearing a sexy underwear

When you have a perfect sexy underwear and prepare your accessories, you need to ensure that other aspects are perfect, such as your body, hair, skin, makeup, etc.You should take a bath and apply perfume, because this will enhance your self -confidence and provide better results.

Steps to wear sexy underwear

With a bra

Putting on a bra is the first step in wearing a sexy underwear.First touch the back of the bra to ensure closely fitting and not slipping.Next, dial the bra to the correct position and adjust the part of the bra to the chest to the appropriate position.Adjust the length of the shoulder strap and ensure that the length on both sides is equal.

Put on underwear

Wearing underwear is the second step in wearing sexy underwear.Pull the underwear to the correct height to ensure that there are no folds or hair edges.Plore the skin of the skin and stretch the panties to ensure that there is no gap between the underwear and legs.


Pull the head of the stockings to the toes, and gradually pull up to the root of the leg root.Make sure that stockings fit perfectly with your skin, and then fix the stockings with a camisole to prevent slipping.

Put on high heels

You can choose to match the underwear perfectly with the same color or the same sexy high heels as the sexy underwear.When wearing high heels, you should slowly put down your feet to adapt to the height of the shoes and gradually walk until you feel comfortable.

Matching jewelry

With appropriate jewelry, such as belt, necklace, gloves, earrings, etc., it will help you better show the charm of sexy underwear.When choosing a jewelry, you need to ensure that your style and color match your sexy underwear.

Do the final inspection

Finally, you need to conduct a full -body examination to ensure that the underwear and all accessories are well worn and perfect.If you find anywhere you need to adjust, adjust and view its effect in time.

in conclusion

Through the above methods, you can perfectly wear sexy underwear to show your unique charm.It is important to wear sexy underwear is self -confidence. You need to believe in your beauty and charm and show the best state.No matter what kind of erotic underwear, choosing suitable for you and improving your confidence will better interpret your style.

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