The first Guangzhou sexies

The first Guangzhou sex underwear exhibition has ended this week.The fun underwear style exhibited by the exhibition is diverse and creative, which deeply attracts the attention of consumers.This article will introduce you to the major points of the sex underwear exhibition, so that you will understand the trend of love underwear.

Trend new style: perspective underwear

Permanent underwear has always been a classic in the sexy underwear industry, and in this exhibition, it inherited this classic and presented to the audience in a novel way.Perfecting underwear uses thin and transparent linen materials, showing women’s breasts and beautiful buttocks just right.In addition, the exhibited perspective underwear also adds more creative elements to make perspective underwear more fashionable.

Affordable essential: sexy bra

Sexy bras have always been one of the representatives of brand underwear.In this sexy underwear exhibition, brand underwear manufacturers have launched more bras suitable for different figures and occasions. The hidden and gathering design breaks the monotonous traditional bras design and shows the diversity of the bra.

Alternative design: bodies

Bid -bodies are a full -body underwear, which looks like a tight -fitting dress. The waist part is tightly designed, which can gather women’s figures.In this sex underwear exhibition, the design of the body clothes is more alternative, and various popular elements are added, such as fur, rivet, lace, etc., making the beam clothes more dazzling.

Comfortable experience: no steel circle bra

The steel -free bras are the new favorite of sexy underwear design in recent years. Because the cartilage structure is used instead of the hard skeleton design, it is more comfortable and close to wear.In this exhibition, various brands have also launched the steel -free bras that pay more attention to detail design, such as lace edge treatment, lining and thick clothing thickness, which shows the pursuit of women’s comfort.

Simple and elegant: pajamas series

The pajamas series not only shows the art of sexy underwear, but also the sexy and elegant of women.Each brand of pajamas series is simple and elegant. With comfort as the main design principle, pajamas have become a partner for women’s comfortable rest, and at the same time, they have the elegant temperament of women.

Spring and Summer series: tulle underwear

Type underwear is another highlight of the sex underwear exhibition.In the spring and summer season, wearing a tulle underwear with good breathability and strong skin -friendlyness can not only bring you sexy, but also make you feel a natural cool feeling.

Sexy essential: sexual jumpsuit

Sexual jumpsuit is another classic innovation of sexy underwear.In this sex underwear exhibition, brand companies have designed more style of sexy jumpsuits, including stockings, high -cut, hollowed out, etc., making women’s sexy charm more prominent.

More and more fashionable: men and women’s sexy underwear

In addition to women’s sexy underwear, this sexy underwear exhibition also involves men’s and women’s sexy underwear.Men’s sexy underwear design is more fashionable, including a diverse underwear and jackets. Women’s sexy underwear is more creative, such as cat clothes, rabbit girl clothes, etc., so that sexy is no longer limited to women.

Elegant sexy: lace underwear

Lace is a classic element of sexy underwear, and in this exhibition, lace is given more vitality.Each brand of underwear manufacturers use more advanced and breathable lace materials to create a more elegant and sexy lace underwear, showing a sexy and beautiful side of women.

Looking to the future: the road of sexy underwear trend

Although the sex underwear exhibition has ended, the development of the trend of sex underwear has just begun.In the future, the design of sexy underwear will be more diverse and personalized to meet the needs of different women for underwear.We look forward to more brands to join the design ranks of sexy underwear, making the design of sexy underwear more energetic and creative, making women sexy and confidently show their beauty.

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