The band under the sexy underwear

What is the belt under the sex underwear?

There are many types of sexy underwear, but one of the most confusing is the band below.What is the role of this belt?Can I remove it at will?Does it affect comfort and dressing?Let’s find out.

What is its role?

The straps under the sex underwear are usually called "trousers belts", which is very similar to the band on the underwear you usually wear.The role of this band is to fix the lower trousers to prevent sexy underwear from slipping when used.

Can I remove it at will?

The straps under the sexy underwear cannot be removed at will.Because it is used to fix the pants below, if it is not fixed, it will cause the pants feet to loose, affecting the effect and comfort.If you have to remove it, it is best to have a deep understanding of sexy underwear first to ensure that the structure of the entire sexy underwear will not be damaged.

Does it affect comfort and dressing?

The design of the band below the sex underwear is specifically to increase comfort and wear sense.It is used to increase the sense of fit in the body to prevent it from slipping when wearing.Through this design, sexy underwear can be more tight to the body, so that you can get a better experience in touch and wearing comfort.If you find that it affects your dressing or not very comfortable, try to adjust it first, instead of taking it directly.

How to wear the band under the sexy underwear correctly?

The straps under wearing sexy underwear need to master some skills:

First make sure that the band of the sexy underwear is adjusted to the right position

Next, stuff your body into a sexy underwear and let your pants feet be in a natural state

Then use both hands to pull the trousers to the right position under the band under the sex lingerie

Finally, fine -tune the location of the sexy underwear strap to make it more fitted with the body

What are the differences in the design of the band under different types of erotic underwear?

The design of the straps under different types of erotic underwear is also different.Here are some common sexy underwear design:

Butterfly erotic underwear: The below is similar to high waist underwear, and the surroundings are seamless.It can better shape your figure, but you need to pay attention to the size matching to avoid excessive or loose band.

Triangle sexy underwear: The band under this sexy underwear uses a more stable design to increase comfort.

Open crotch sex underwear: The band design below this sexy underwear is opened to facilitate use. You need to pay attention to choosing a size suitable for you.

Are there any places to pay special attention?

The band below the sexy underwear also has its uniqueness. You need to pay attention to the following points:

Don’t break it or cut it, otherwise the whole messy underwear will not be worn.

Avoid too tight or loose bands, affect the fit and comfort.

Pay special attention to its location during use to ensure that the body and pants can be fitted.

The cleaning method of the band under the sex underwear?

When cleaning the band below the sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Follow the instructions on the label of sexy lingerie.

It is best to wash it with your hands. Do not use a washing machine to prevent the belt from deforming and affect the use effect.

After cleaning, dry it according to the instructions.

What should we look at the band under the sexy underwear?

The band below the sex underwear is part of the design of sexy underwear. Its role is mainly to increase the comfort and sense of dressing of the entire sexy underwear.Although some people may not like its existence, we should realize that sexy underwear designers are in the design of sexy underwear for some purpose and needs.We may not be able to fully understand its existence, but we should respect the overall design of erotic underwear and the artistic effects pursued by designers.

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