The first girlfriend wearing sexy underwear

At first glance, I was amazed

My girlfriend and I have been dating for more than a year, but our sexual life has been relatively bland. Until one day, she put on sexy underwear and shook in front of me. I was completely shocked.

Black hollow, full body

She chose a black -tone hollow erotic underwear, no shoulder straps, sexy back and perfect lines, which made me stare.Her cleavage and hip lines were perfectly presented. At this time, I found out that her figure was so perfect.

Increase sexual interest and improve self -confidence

Women put on erotic underwear, not only to stimulate men’s desires, but also to increase their sexual interest and self -confidence.When she puts on a variety of postures and shows her beauty, she will find that she is more charming than her imagination.

Interesting underwear makes sex more interesting sexual life

Wearing sexy underwear is not only to be passionate in bed, but also to make sexual life increase fun and excitement.Women wearing erotic underwear will make men more excited and fascinated, and pay more attention to every detail and movement of her.

Choose a style that suits you

Each woman’s body and temperament are different. It is very important to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.If you are a girl with large chests, you can choose a deep V -shaped underwear to make your chest look more plump and sexy.And if you are a girl with elegant waist and hips, you can choose a high -waist underwear, which can highlight your curve.

Choose different underwear in different occasions

It is also important to choose the right sexy underwear on different occasions.If you are going to a romantic dinner, you can choose a lace and silk underwear, which makes you look more elegant and charming.And if you want to go on vacation and play on the beach, choose a bikini with different colors to be more sexy and fashionable.

Replace sexy underwear regularly

Unlike other underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to appearance and design, so it needs to be replaced regularly.Moreover, sexy underwear may wear or deform during use, and replace it regularly to ensure the beauty and performance of the underwear.

Learn how to maintain sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively high -end underwear and requires special maintenance methods.Generally speaking, sexy underwear needs to be washed by hand and cannot be put in washing machine.At the same time, we need to pay attention to avoid exposure and high temperature, and avoid destroying the materials and beauty of underwear.


If you want to increase your sexual interest and improve self -confidence, sexy underwear is a good choice.Different erotic lingerie styles and designs can meet the needs and desires of different women. Choosing underwear that suits you not only can make you more sexy and charming, but also make your sex life more interesting and exciting.

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