Women’s erotic underwear open gear unobstructed

Women’s erotic underwear open gear unobstructed

As a sexy, romantic and mysterious existence, women’s sexy underwear has always been the most private fashion choice for women.And the unobstructed erotic underwear is the most special one of them.How to choose and match this kind of sexy underwear, and how to wear it correctly to fully show your sexy charm?Here are some tips for female friends for reference.

1. What is the open -stall’s unobstructed erotic underwear

The unstoppable sexy underwear is not completely covered in the private part of the private parts, but left a small hole or an open design. Because of its special style of its back or chest opening, it makes users more sexy and more sexy and more sexy andMystery.Compared with the full -covered sexy underwear and ordinary underwear, the unobstructed sexy underwear is more girly and charming. It is a special fashion choice for women.

2. Pay attention to choosing to open the file without blocking sexy underwear

First of all, you should choose a sexy underwear suitable for the size. If the size is not suitable, it will not only be uncomfortable, but also affect the beauty.Secondly, you need to pay attention to the comfort and materials of sexy underwear, and choose comfortable and breathable soft materials and healthy and environmentally friendly materials to wear comfort and comfort.Finally, you need to consider the overall matching and the adaptability of the occasion, choose a style suitable for your skin tone and temperament, and make reasonable adjustments according to different occasions to better show your sexy charm.

3. How to correctly wear the open -stall’s unobstructed erotic underwear

Pay attention to the following points that are not covered with open -stalls: First of all, pay attention to hygiene when wearing, and should not use professional -de -stain cleaning agents and bleach to avoid damage to the skin.Secondly, pay attention to the size and adjustment, give priority to choosing sexy underwear suitable for your body size, and make moderate adjustments to better show your body advantages.Finally, according to the occasion and your own temperament, choose the overall combination that suits you to better reflect your personality charm.

4. What kind of figure is suitable for wearing open stalls without blocking sexy underwear

Opening files without blocking sex underwear are a choice that requires better figure as a basis.Generally speaking, women who are suitable for wearing unobstructed sex underwear should have a beautiful body curve, and have a certain courage and confidence to show their unique and sexy atmosphere.At the same time, it should be noted that if you are too thin or overweight, it is not suitable for wearing such sexy underwear, which will not be able to highlight your advantages well.

5. How to match pantyhose with unobstructed sexy underwear

When the opening of the unobstructed erotic underwear with pantyhose, you need to pay attention to the matching of styles and colors to maintain simple and coordinated.Black, flesh -colored or white sexy underwear with black or flesh -colored stockings or black net socks is the most common method of matching.If you want to reflect more sexy atmosphere, you can choose some hollow or lace stockings or net socks to present more layers of design beauty.

6. How to choose the unobstructed sexy lingerie style that suits you

There are various styles of unobstructed sexy underwear, and you need to make a choice based on your temperament and occasion.In terms of choice, we must first consider your body and curve, and choose a design with outstanding shaping effects; secondly, consider the proportion and location of the open and unobstructed proportions, and choose the more comfortable and confident style; finallySelect the color and matching method that suits you.

7. Washing and maintenance method of laundering without blocking sex underwear

Because the opening file is not unobstructed, it is more specially focused on cleaning and maintenance.Try to use professional flexible detergents and wash them with hand or gently machine. Do not directly dry or use bleach.In terms of maintenance, it is recommended to clean and disinfect regularly, and avoid mixing with other clothes to avoid affecting the softness and material nature of the sexy underwear.


There are many unobstructed erotic underwear in the market. Some of the brands of which are cost -effective and stylish, such as Huajian secrets, temptation still beautiful, such as flower massage sticks, etc.Of course, you need to make a choice based on your own favor and aesthetics to better present your sexy charm.

in conclusion

The unobstructed sexy underwear is a very special fashion choice that needs to choose styles and matching methods carefully.You also need to pay attention to some issues to wear and maintain to better show your sexy and mysterious charm.

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