Winter large erotic sheet

The necessity of large -scale sexy underwear in winter

As the weather is getting cold, many women ignore the importance of underwear when wearing heavy winter clothing.In winter, wearing a suitable large sexy underwear can provide better protection and support, while ensuring the perfect display of the figure.Moreover, buying a sexy underwear that suits you is also a kind of enjoyment, so you may wish to explore the necessity of large -scale sexy underwear in winter.

Understand your body: size selection

First of all, you must buy underwear size suitable for your body.Too small underwear will not only cause shoulder and back pain, but also cause trouble in wearing.When buying large underwear, make sure it can perfectly fit the figure and ensure comfort and support.

Winter underwear fabric selection

The choice of underwear fabrics in winter is also very important.The fabric of cotton and cotton blending is good, but not warm enough.The fabrics of silk and satin can keep warm, but it will be a bit fat.Polyester fiber is a preferably preferred material for winter sex underwear. They are warm and soft, and can also help regulate body temperature.

Color matching flexible use

Choosing the color suitable for winter is also a technical work.Warm -tone underwear, such as red, orange and purple, can not only create good emotions, but also very suitable for winter wearing.White underwear is also very popular, but it is easy to see easily when wearing too thick.Short underwear, such as metal and sequins, can bring vitality and uniqueness.

Drive style selection

Pay attention to the style selection for the choice of the bra.T -shirt -type bras are more suitable for wearing thin and moderate clothes.Triangular cup breasts are more suitable for leisure clothes.If you wear a heavy coat in winter, the plane cups or 3/4 cups of the bra and the whole cup are more suitable, and it can provide better support and protection.

Large sexy underwear style choice

In addition to the bra, large erotic underwear also includes a variety of styles such as corset, bellyband and underwear.Nude corset or simple black corset can be compatible with various clothes.Stracker -style lace bellybands are very suitable for wearing cold weather, keep the waist and back warm.Of course, you can also choose other styles according to your preferences and occasions.

Choice of underwear

Choosing the right underwear is also an art.Low waist, high waist, thong, briefs and other styles, to buy underwear suitable for your body and wearing occasions.In addition, when choosing underwear, pay attention to avoid too small or too tight, so as not to affect blood circulation and health.

Tips for shopping

When choosing a large sexy underwear, you must understand your body and personal taste. At the same time, you must understand the choice of materials, sizes and styles to protect and care for your body.If you have some concerns when you are shopping, you can seek help from sales staff, or you can learn more before shopping online.

The correct underwear maintenance method

Underwear also needs to pay attention to wearing and maintenance. The correct maintenance method can extend the life of the underwear.Hand washing is the best way to maintain. Wash with soapy water to avoid placing near the heat source or direct sunlight.Underwear must also be updated in time, so that you have a comfortable mood while wearing underwear.

The temperament of the underwear is distributed

Finally, we need to know that the selected underwear is not only a physical protection, but also a way to show its temperament and personality.Sex underwear can reflect a person’s sexy, charming and confident, while large sexy underwear can show the maturity and charm of a woman.Therefore, choose a lingerie that suits you and wear your own beauty and confidence.

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