Whether sexy underwear is new or used

Brief introduction

Interest underwear is a new fashion trend, with sexy, tempting and unique characteristics.However, some people are worried about the hygiene of sexy underwear because they are considered to have been used or spread infected.This article will in -depth discussions on the hygiene of sexy underwear whether it is new or used.

Falling underwear material

Interest underwear is usually made of lace, silk, cashmere and other materials. These materials must be strictly washed and disinfected in the production process to ensure hygiene.These materials are new, but whether it is used or through others still needs to be further analyzed.

Sales channels

Sexy underwear is usually sold through online stores, adult stores and some fashion boutique stores.Regardless of the channels, sellers should be responsible for providing hygiene guarantees for clean, tidy, and used underwear, but they do not guarantee consumers’ cleaning and hygiene habits.

Disinfection problem

You can use a cleaning agent or laundry powder to disinfect the sexy underwear.It is best to disinfect through professional service agencies.If you have a newly wear sexy underwear, it may also cause allergic reactions due to residual chemicals or discoloration problems.

personal collection

Sex underwear is usually worn by individuals, so the sexy underwear of personal collection must be particularly careful.It is necessary to ensure that they are clean, dry and disinfected.One -time protective cloth or fresh -keeping bag should be packed for better protection.

brand guarantee

Some brands ensure that the sanitary problem of sexy underwear is new, and there is guarantee that it will not spread infection.When buying underwear, you should choose a reputable brand, check the guarantee and clean standards of the execution program.

Professional consultant

If you still have doubts about the sanitary issue of sexy underwear, you should contact professional consultants to consult them with inquiries on sexy underwear hygiene, and to obtain a comprehensive explanation.

Personal hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene is the most important step to prevent sex underwear infection.It should be kept, dry, and avoid sharing sex underwear.Bathing and changing underwear every day can effectively reduce the infection rate.

check carefully

After buying a sexy underwear, you should carefully check the underwear materials and appearance in front of the sexy underwear to ensure that there is no damage, stains or odor.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the seller directly.

in conclusion

Although problems such as sexy underwear materials, sales channels, disinfection and personal hygiene are all effectively on the hygiene of sex underwear, sexy underwear is a sexy and charming fashion item.Please use it with confidence, choose brand purchases with credibility and guarantee cleaning, and pay attention to after -sales service commitments.

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