Cheongsam sex underwear practice video Daquan

Cheongsam erotic underwear is a very elegant and bold match. It integrates traditional cheongsam with sexy sexy underwear, becoming the favorite of fashionable women.In this article, we will introduce you to the production method of cheongsam sexy underwear and provide some video teaching resources to help you easily complete your cheongsam sexy underwear.

1. Tool preparation

Before starting to make cheongsam sexy underwear, you need to prepare some necessary tools.For example, cutting tools, sewing machines, scissors, fabrics and interfaces.These tools will help you make beautiful and high -quality cheongsam erotic lingerie.

2. style selection

Cheongsam sex lingerie has a lot of styles and styles to choose from.According to your personal preferences and figure, you can choose the cheongsam erotic lingerie style that suits you.Some styles are very suitable for thin women, while others are very suitable for plump women.

3. Fabric selection

When choosing the fabric of cheongsam sex underwear, you need to choose the fabric suitable for your body and clothing.Silk, chiffon and lace are some fabrics that are very suitable for cheongsam sex lingerie.These fabrics are soft, smooth, and have a comfortable and sexy effect.

4. Cutting mode

The cutting mode is one of the important steps to make cheongsam sexy underwear.You need to determine the tailoring mode you need to use according to your personal size and the style of cheongsam sexy underwear.You can make your own mode or buy a standard size model.

5. Online video resources

Now, online video resources are very rich. You can make videos based on your preferences and need to search for cheongsam sexy underwear.You can learn how to cut, sew, assemble and complete cheongsam sexy underwear in the video.

6. Sewing skills

Sewing skills are a very important step when making cheongsam sexy underwear.You need to master the correct sewing skills to make a beautiful, comfortable and durable cheongsam sexy underwear.When sewing, you need to pay attention to the edge of the baking to maintain balance and avoid skew or distortion.

7. Complete cheongsam sexy underwear

After completing cheongsam sexy underwear, you need to check the quality of the stitching, the level of the interface, the comfort of the pad, and the smoothness of the fabric.If you need it, you can repair it to ensure that the cheongsam sexy underwear is flawless.

8. Personalized construction

In order to make your cheongsam erotic underwear different, you can try to add your own creativity in fabric, color, lace and decoration.Personalized cheongsam sexy underwear will show your personality and fashion taste.

This article introduces the steps and skills of making cheongsam sexy underwear, and provides related video resources.If you want to try to make cheongsam sexy underwear, we recommend that you choose according to your style and body needs, pay attention to details and personalized production, and finally make perfect cheongsam sex lingerie.

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