Where is easy to pick up sexy underwear

Where is easy to pick up sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, as a unique underwear, has both sexy design and unique style and texture.For those who love sexy underwear, you can buy both on major e -commerce platforms, or choose to buy it in a physical store, and even some very special places, you can pick up many idle sexy underwear.So, where is it easy to pick up sexy underwear?Let’s analyze them one by one.

1. On the second -hand platform

As second -hand transactions are becoming more and more popular, many people choose to turn around on second -hand platforms, leisure fish and other transactions.And some people also choose to put their idle items on the second -hand platform for resale.Sexy underwear is also easy to be discovered on a second -hand platform.

2. In a nightclub or bar

The nightclub or bar is a casual, relaxed, and party entertainment venue.At the same time, some sexy sexy underwear can be picked up in these places.

3. In a sexual product store

Some sexual products stores operate sexy underwear. In addition to normal sales, it is sometimes held promotional, inventory and other activities. At these times, some sexy sexy underwear may be found in the store.

4. In the depths of the wardrobe

Many people like to collect all kinds of underwear, and storage of underwear is also a technology.Many times, some sexy erotic underwear will be deeply hidden deep in the wardrobe and is forgotten.

5. Next to the trash can

Some people do not like their idle items to continue their own space, and they choose to throw them on the side of the trash.Sometimes you can accidentally pick up some sexual erotic lingerie in these garbage dumps.

6. Divorce treatment

Divorce is a very painful process. Many times, the two parties need to divide the common property.If one of them has purchased sexy underwear, these underwear will also become one of the processed items.

7. In an Internet cafe

In the Internet cafe, everyone will focus on their own games.And if you pay attention to some trash cans next to you, you may be surprised to find some sexy underwear.

8. In the gift item

Sometimes, some samples, weddings and other activities will also have some sexy sexy underwear.If you are lucky, you may accidentally pick up some sexy and erotic underwear in these gifts.

9. In the locker room

The locker room is an interesting and exciting place.Many people do something "unable to see people" in the dressing room.And some people may give up their favorite erotic underwear, so maybe you can pick up some sexual erotic lingerie in the locker room.

10. In the draw, winning the lottery

Now many places will hold a lottery, and some sexy merchants will also give some sexy sexy underwear in these activities.If your hand is good, then you may receive some sexy lingerie in this kind of activity.


No matter where you get sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the hygiene of these underwear.If you choose to buy second -hand erotic underwear, you need to study how to disinfect these underwear to avoid hygiene problems.The best solution is to choose a new shop to buy new sexy underwear to ensure your health and safety.

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