What to choose sexy underwear

What to choose sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can not only add a lot of color to your love life, but also show your figure and charm.However, how to choose a underwear that suits you is a challenge.Here are several suggestions to help you choose and buy effective sexy underwear.

1. Determine your body type

Different body types are suitable for different sexy underwear.If you are a slim woman, then the transparent and tight sexy underwear is your first choice.If you are a plump woman, then the flexible and supportive underwear is more suitable for you, which can help you shape the perfect curve.

2. Determine the occasion

When you choose a sexy underwear, you must consider the occasion to wear.For example, if you want to have a romantic night at home, then the transparent, soft, lace lace -sized sexy underwear is your best choice.If you are attending a sexy ball, the popular and creative style will be more applicable.

3. Determine the color

When you consider color, you should follow your preferences and complexion.If you want a very romantic feeling, choose pink or red sexy underwear, and women who want to make the skin look more beautiful and fresh, you can choose a flesh -colored style.

4. Choose the most suitable material

Different materials make you feel different.The quota of cotton and linen is highly comfortable, but it looks a bit ordinary for some occasions and clothes.The elastic silk, lace, fiber, mesh and other materials can shape a better curve for the body.

5. Choose high -quality underwear

Choosing high -quality sexy underwear is very important for protecting the chest and body.When you wear a high -quality underwear, it can provide better protection for your health and comfort, and it can also show your figure and curve.At the same time, high -quality sexy underwear can also be kept clean and novel for a longer time.

6. Determine the size

When buying sexy underwear, the size is the key.Otherwise, the wrong size will make you unable to achieve the best appearance and comfort.When you try it on, keep in mind that you choose the appropriate material, how much is the size so that your underwear can appear good in any situation.

7. Perfect match

Whether you are a sexy party or you want to wear sexy underwear elegantly, it is very important to match.You need to choose the color, pants or skirts that match the underwear.At this time, the opinions of senior sexy underwear should be selected.

8. Suitable for you

Women need to choose a sexy underwear suitable for their figure and style.Not only is it necessary to meet the requirements and beautiful exterior, it can also ensure that the body is adjusted and settled.In this way, you can perform your body contour perfectly at different occasions.

9. Beware of safety issues

The production process of some sexy underwear may affect your health, because some materials may violate the standard.Therefore, it is very important to buy sexy underwear with safe and unnounted substances.

10. Spirit and physical state

The most important thing for sexy underwear is psychological joy.The most important thing for wearing sex underwear is self -confidence and wearing (wearing) naturally, and it will not make yourself feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

in conclusion

It is very difficult but interesting task to choose a suitable sexy underwear.By following the above suggestions and considering your own body type, occasion, color, materials, size, size, matching, style, safety and mood, you can easily find a sexy underwear that suits you.When wearing underwear, you must pay attention to your comfort and confidence, so that you can show your charm and sexy.

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