Where can I buy sexy underwear in Suzhou Shilu

Where can I buy sexy underwear in Shilu in Suzhou?

Interest underwear is a must -have for modern women to express their sexy charm. More and more women are beginning to wear them to enhance self -confidence.If you live near Shiqi Road in Suzhou and don’t know where to buy sexy underwear, let me tell you.

brand store

First of all, you can choose to go to the local sex underwear brand store.On Shi Road in Suzhou, there are some well -known brand’s sexy underwear stores, such as Victoria’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, etc.These shops will have a large number of styles and models for you to choose from.In addition, the services of many brand stores are relatively good, which can provide you with professional advice.

Online shopping

In addition to physical stores, you can also choose to buy sexy underwear online.There are countless sexy underwear shops on e -commerce platforms such as Suning Tesco, Jingdong Mall, and Taobao.There are many benefits to online shopping, such as the price is cheaper than the physical store, and the choice will be greater, convenient and fast, and so on.However, online shopping also has its shortcomings, such as you can’t feel the material, and the size is inaccurate.


In addition to brand stores and online shopping, there are some well -known Outlets shopping malls near Suzhou Shilu, such as Wuzhong Outlets and Oriental Outlets.There are usually some sexy underwear stores in these shopping malls. The sexy underwear brands in it may be relatively small, but the price will be much cheaper than brand stores.

Supermarket cosmetics area

If you don’t like online shopping nor want to go to specialty stores, you can try to check in the convenience supermarket cosmetics area to see if there is any sex underwear.There will also be some sexy underwear and underwear in some supermarket cosmetics areas, and the price is relatively cheap. The variety is relatively small, but it is also a choice of purchasing.


Another way to buy sexy underwear is to buy two -handed.On Taobao and idle fish, there are many second -hand sexy underwear, the price is cheap, and after the inspection of use, it can ensure quality and health.

Market market

The market is also a good place to buy sexy underwear.In the market in Suzhou Shilu and other places, many small vendors have selling sexy underwear.Although the price will be relatively cheap, the quality cannot be guaranteed.

Old -honored underwear shop

The old -fashioned underwear shop is also a good place to buy sexy underwear.These shops have a high gold content, not only sexy underwear, but also more underwear and underwear to choose from.

Sex shop

If you have high demand for sexual life, then you can try to buy sexy underwear for some shops that specialize in selling sex products.These shops have more professionalism and more sexy underwear.

Mall underwear area

In the end, you can also consider buying sexy underwear in Shilu in Suzhou.There are usually some sexy underwear shops in the underwear area, and the price types are very comprehensive.


No matter which method you choose, the key to buying sexy underwear is to choose the style and quality that suits you.Although sexy underwear is for sexy and fashionable, the most important thing is its comfort and health.Therefore, it is recommended that you do n’t just look at prices and brands when buying, but also pay attention to the texture of materials and underwear.I hope my suggestion can be helpful to you when choosing sexy underwear.

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