When you see your girlfriend wearing a fun underwear

When you see your girlfriend wearing a fun underwear

When your girlfriend puts a sexy underwear in front of you, you will feel very excited and excited.This experience can cause many reactions and feelings, but many men do not know how to deal with this situation.In the following article, we will provide you with several methods to better deal with this situation.

1. Praise her appearance

When your girlfriend puts on sexy underwear, the first thing you have to do is to praise her appearance.You can tell her that she looks beautiful, sexy, and charming, which will make her feel appreciated and affirmed, which is conducive to improving the intimate relationship between you.

2. Express your feelings

If you feel excited or have any other feelings, you can express it.You can tell her your thoughts, but pay attention not to be too enthusiastic or domineering, and give her a sense of comfort and respect.

3. Non -verbal expression

When you see your girlfriend put on sexy underwear, you can also express your feelings in a non -language way.For example, holding her tightly, kissing her, and patting her shoulders gently, these non -language expression can make the intimacy between you more intimate.

4. Easy and natural

In this case, it is important to maintain a state of relaxed and natural.You don’t have to be too nervous or irritable, keep calm and open, so as to better enjoy this situation.

5. Respect her will

Although you are very interested in your girlfriend’s sexy underwear, don’t forget to respect her wishes.If she doesn’t want to wear, then you can tell her your thoughts, but don’t force her.

6. Choose the right sexy underwear

It is also important to choose the right sexy underwear, which depends on your girlfriend’s body and personality.In the choice of sexy underwear, pay attention to quality and comfort in order to maintain her comfort and confidence.

7. Teach your girlfriend how to wear sexy underwear

Sometimes, when your girlfriend has no experience, you can teach her how to wear sexy underwear.You can show her how to put on underwear correctly and tell her how to wear her own style.

8. Enjoy this experience

Finally, the most important thing is to enjoy this experience.Don’t forget that this is an open and free experience, enjoy the intimate relationship between you!

Viewpoint: Interest underwear is a good way to increase intimate relationships, but pay attention to respect and maintain a relaxed and natural attitude.

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