There are sexy lingerie novels

There are sexy lingerie novels

Sexy underwear is a fashion trend of modern women. It has a variety of shapes and styles.In addition, in the field of sexy underwear, there are also some adult novels involving this theme.Next, we will introduce some novels with sexy underwear.

1. The buzzing room

This novel tells how a girl enhances self -confidence with the help of sexy underwear and establishes a better relationship with the person she loves.

2. Peeping sex underwear shop

A man accidentally discovered a sexy underwear shop, who was addicted to peeping at the beautiful women in the shop wearing sexy underwear, which caused his inner disturbance and struggle.

3. The victory of conquest

This is a story about two men competing for the same woman in the same woman.One of the men purchased some sexy underwear, and this underwear played a key role at a critical moment.

4. Pioneer

In this novel, the heroine is a sexy underwear designer. She created some avant -garde sexy underwear, changed people’s perception of sexy, and also attracted the attention of a man.

5. League of Legends

In this novel, female characters must choose different styles of sexy underwear to improve their competitiveness in the game.This story shows the performance of these special underwear in the game with a duel between the king as the background.

6. Eavesdropper

In this novel, a woman often wears sexy underwear at home.She accidentally heard the sexy lingerie of the neighbor, and found that there was some mysterious connection with the neighbor.

7. Ordinary things

In this novel, a couple wears sexy underwear on various occasions to maintain the passion between them.It is full of simple but interesting moments in their lives.

8. The beginning of the story

This is a story about a pair of men and women. When the female lead wears a sexy underwear, the actor noticed her for the first time. This is actually the beginning of the two.

9. Lip tooth dependency

The actor has a special habit, that is, the female lead wants to wear a sexy underwear and then kiss.This behavior makes the relationship between the two people closer.

10. Erotic story

This is a story that exposes the private life of men and women. Both protagonists wear sexy underwear in various occasions.The relationship between them is quite complicated, and the story is full of enthusiasm and conflict.

in conclusion

The above novels are just the tip of the iceberg of sex underwear novels.Interest underwear can not only make women more sexy and charming, but also become an important auxiliary tool for couples to increase interest and regulate life.Of course, while using sexy underwear, people should also pay attention to maintaining their dignity and moral principles.

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