The number of interesting underwear

The number of interesting underwear

When buying a sexy underwear, have you ever felt confused because you can’t understand the number?The number is a classification management method in the Japanese adult product industry.In Japan, all sexy underwear has its own number. This system is very detailed, including not only brands, series, but also information such as color and size.In this article, let’s take a look at the number of sexy underwear.

Brand series logo

Each brand has its own set of numbers, and usually starts with the first letter of the brand, such as TMA, TNS, S1, etc.After the brand number, the series of products is generally marked, such as adding "01" behind the TMA number to represent the FETISHISM series belonging to TMA.These numbers can usually tell you the overall grade of the product, such as the series of high -end brands is usually more complicated.

Description of color, material, etc.

The appearance of sexy underwear is very diverse. In order to facilitate consumer distinction, Japanese sex products industry designs an independent outer packaging and number for each sexy underwear.Instead of color, material and other information in the number.For example, "red", "black", "white" and so on.You can also include the description of the material, such as "lace", "fish net", "yarn net" and so on.

Size description

Each number also reflects the characteristics of each size.It can be represented by numbers or letters. For example, the number 01 of the number is the process size of the sexy underwear, and the letter represents the universal size of the sexy underwear.In the number, the stitching of numbers and letters can also indicate the size range of sexy underwear.

appropriate season

The number of Japanese sexy underwear is usually classified for different seasons.For example, "S" means spring, and "F" means winter.When buying sexy underwear, these icons can help you choose sexy underwear suitable for the season. At the same time, the brand’s regular launch of new products will also sell related sales according to the season.

Suitable age level

The number of sexy underwear can also indicate the appropriate age range.For example, the "MAD" series is a sexy underwear made by women over 30-40 years old.Some brands will also launch products that are suitable for weight loss or plump users according to the body and preferences of the user. These keywords will be reflected in the product number of the product.

Use description

Interest underwear not only plays an important role in sex, but also can be worn as daily clothing.Japan also classified them for these comfortable, fashionable and sexy sexy underwear.For example, "TPO" represents sexy underwear suitable for different occasions, "OBC" is a sexy underwear worn by single women.

Producer explanation

Some sexy lingerie numbers will also include production land information. The code usually starts with English letters. For example, the sexy underwear number produced in the United States is marked by "US", while the "EU" produced in Europe is marked.These code can tell you the origin of the product, and it is also convenient for users to choose products that are suitable for their own country.


Japan’s sexy underwear number classification and management methods are very fine, including not only basic information such as brands, materials, colors, sizes, but also suitable seasons, age levels, uses, and so on.It brings great convenience for the purchase, management and sales of sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, users can quickly and accurately find products that are suitable for them according to the various information on the number.

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