The sexy underwear he bought for me

The sexy underwear he bought for me

The sexy underwear he bought for me

The vocabulary of sexy underwear did not often appear in my daily life. It wasn’t until he bought me a set of sexy underwear as a birthday gift, and I started to understand and fascinated it.Below, I will share the style of sexy underwear he bought and I feel about it.

The first: lace pajamas

This sexy underwear is an elegant, sexy lace pajamas with a thin layer of transparent yarn, which makes people feel sexy and shy.The texture of lace pajamas is very comfortable, and it feels very sexy after wearing it. There is a kind of excitement to show it.

Paragraph 2: Open panties

This erotic underwear is a pair of black opening underwear, which perfectly shows the curve of women, and the design of the open -file can make the interaction between the wearer and the partner more convenient and exciting.Its material is very soft and comfortable, and it brings a dual enjoyment of physical and mental dresses.

Third paragraph: lace bra

This sexy underwear is a white lace chest with a very beautiful design.It has good support, making the chest lines more prominent, and the three -dimensional sense is very strong.At the same time, it is also suitable for night sleep, because it is very comfortable and can make me feel relaxed and comfortable after wearing.

Fourth paragraph: slim -fitting jacket

This sexy underwear is a black slim -fitting jacket that wraps my entire body, showing my perfect curve.It is tight, setting off my figure, making me very confident.When wearing it, I feel very luxurious and sexy and charming. It really makes me like myself more.

Fifth paragraph: transparent underwear

This sexy underwear is a transparent underwear with a layer of transparent gauze, allowing people to see my body outline.It makes me feel very sexy, and it is also an excellent choice that I use to wear for candlelight dinner.I like its design and I feel when I wear it.

Sixth paragraph: hollow perspective underwear

This sexy underwear made me amazing.It is a perspective underwear made of black lace and diamond hollow.It shows my body shape, which makes me very attractive, and further inspires my sexy and confidence.It is exciting to wear it with my partner and make me feel his appreciation and love.

Paragraph 7: triangle trousers

This sexy underwear is a pair of triangle, which is very suitable for daily wear.This pants are made of high -quality lace, which is very soft and comfortable.It has a unique feeling when wearing it. It makes me feel that I am full of charm, confidence, sexy and soft characteristics.

Eighth: Red hollow nightdress

This sexy underwear is a red nightdress with hollow lace on it, making the wearer full of infinite charm.The nightdress is very soft and the touch is very comfortable. The pink lace bra that I wear through the day is more exciting with the red nightdress worn at night, making the whole person look more sexy and elegant.

Nine: Low breasts

This sexy underwear is a low -cut chest. When I wear it, I feel very confident, and I found that I was more attractive to the opposite sex when wearing it.Its texture is very comfortable and can show my figure curve well.

Paragraph 10: Black suspender vest

This sexy underwear is a black camisole, which is very suitable for summer wear.Its texture is very comfortable and the lace design is very delicate.When wearing it, it feels very beautiful, sexy and comfortable, and it is also suitable for wearing with friends in summer.


These sexy underwear not only has sexy and comfortable characteristics, but also allows wearers to feel confident and infinite charm.I am really glad that I have these erotic underwear because they make me feel very different, and they have created an excellent resonance and interaction between me and my partner.

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