The chest sticker in sexy underwear

What is the chest sticker?

Breast paste is a very popular private sticker that is used to cover the nipples and areolas of women’s chests, thereby achieving the effect of avoiding the protruding nipples.It is usually made of soft and breathable materials, which can be affixed to the skin without feeling uncomfortable or tingling.

Why use chest stickers?

Use chest stickers to avoid "nipple protruding" when wearing sexy underwear or sexy clothes, which can increase the comfort and self -confidence of wearing.In addition, under some transparent and translucent outfits, the use of chest stickers can also effectively protect private privacy.

How to use chest stickers correctly?

Before using the chest sticker, the skin around the chest should be cleaned and do not use any oil products.Then, put the chest sticker from the middle of the nipples from the middle, and gradually fits smoothly to the chest.The sides of the patch should be close to the chest, and do not leave gaps or skin drums.

What are the materials of the chest sticker?

There are generally three types of breast stickers on the market: one is made of medical glue with excellent skin -friendly and permeability, such as Koji and Flatzy in Japan, and the other is infrared chest stickers with blood circulation effects, such asThe green chest sticker of Pirna, and there is a product of non -marking chest stickers composed of fiber and organic glue, such as Lise Charmel and other brands.

What are the problems needing to pay attention to when using chest stickers?

When using chest stickers, it should be ensured that there are no problems such as scratches, itching, and sensitivity around the skin around the chest, otherwise it may cause allergic reactions.In addition, under normal use of chest stickers, you should avoid excessive wiping, kneading or pulling hard to avoid harm to the skin.

What are the occurrences of chest stickers?

The chest sticker is generally suitable for the occasion of wearing a backless outfit, a naked back, or a relatively low sexy underwear in the waist design.In addition, it can also be used in special occasions such as dance performances, swimming competitions, physical contact dramas, and film shooting to achieve better results and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

How to maintain the chest sticker?

The maintenance method of chest stickers is mainly moisture -proof, avoid high temperature and sunlight.After use, put the chest in a dry and ventilated place to prevent too much humidity and cause mold.If you need to reuse it, it is recommended to use an unsusement cleaning agent to clean it. After cleaning, dry it naturally.

How to choose chest stickers?

Choose the chest sticker that suits you according to your needs and preferences.If you need to wear or sweat more for a long time, it is recommended to choose a medical adhesive chest sticker with better breathability.If you need to effectively avoid protruding nipples, you can choose products with stronger glue.In addition, for sensitive skin, you should choose non -irritating, soft and comfortable products.

Is the chest sticker applied to everyone?

The use of chest stickers is safe and effective for most people.However, for people with serious skin allergies or severe nipple pain problems, it is recommended to avoid using chest stickers, or consult professionals before use.


Breast paste is a very practical private sticker. It can effectively avoid the problem of prominent nipples or areolas and increase the comfort and self -confidence of wearing.When using chest stickers, pay attention to buying suitable products, and pay attention to the correct methods and maintenance methods to achieve the best results.If you need to use a chest sticker, it is recommended to choose a reliable product and brand, and consult the opinions of professionals.

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