The male lead lets the female lead wears sexy underwear uh

The male lead lets the female lead wears sexy underwear uh

With the openness of society and the liberation of sexual concepts, sexy underwear is not just a sexual product in modern times, but has become a symbol of fashion and aesthetics.Recently, a topic has also been popular, that is, the heroine feels the "uh" feeling of "uh" after letting the female lead wears a sex lingerie.So, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear?

1. Understand the figure and choose the right size

The size of sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, especially some complex styles, which requires more accurate size than conventional.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must first understand your body and choose the appropriate size, so as to ensure that the effect is better.

2. Style selection should be appropriate

There are many types of sexy underwear, covering the characteristics of sexy, cute, sweet, and charming. Women of different preferences can choose different styles.When choosing a sexy underwear, men should try to choose a style suitable for women. Otherwise, women are not comfortable to wear, and the effect may not be good.

3. Material safety and comfort

Although sexy underwear is a sexual toy, safety and comfort are also a very important factor.When choosing a sexy underwear, the male lead should choose a safe and harmless material to avoid being too irritating and allergic.At the same time, you need to choose comfortable underwear to wear more suitable.

4. Choose the right color

There are also many sexy underwear, such as black, red, pink, purple and so on.Different colors have different meanings. When choosing, the male lead should choose the color that is suitable for women’s preferences and the characteristics of sexy underwear.

5. Style selection and occasion with the occasion

There are many styles and styles of sexy underwear, and they also need to choose according to the occasion.For example, you can choose a more sexy and romantic style when dating, and you can choose a more gorgeous and luxurious style when attending a party or ball.

6. Pay attention to the combination with other underwear

Sexy underwear is very different from traditional underwear, so you need to pay attention to details when matching with ordinary underwear.In general, pants or short skirts also need to choose to ensure that the effect is more perfect.

7. The method of cleaning should be proper

Interest underwear needs to be cleaned more cautiously, and choose the washing solution suitable for materials to avoid damaging the material and design of the underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, the male lead must also understand the method of cleaning, avoiding too deliberate and affecting the life of the underwear.

8. Cooperate with the atmosphere and increase interest

Interest underwear is very important in cooperating with the atmosphere.After choosing sexy underwear, the male lead should pay attention to the creation of fun, such as candlelight, music, aroma, etc., making the atmosphere more suitable for women who wear fun underwear and increase sexual interest.

9. Pay attention to women’s psychological needs

The choice of erotic underwear is best in women’s own subjective will.When communicating with women, the male lead pays attention to understanding her psychological needs and preferences. Based on this to choose sexy lingerie, it may be the opposite effect.

10. Interest underwear is not a panacea

Interest underwear is just a kind of item, which cannot replace each other’s emotions and relationships.When choosing a sexy underwear, the male lead should understand and respect women, and do not equate sexy underwear with all relationships and sexual experiences.


The male lead requires the female lead to be cautious.When choosing sexy underwear, the male lead should pay attention to women’s personal preferences, figures, occasions, colors, safety, comfort, and atmosphere.At the same time, sexy underwear cannot replace each other’s emotions and relationships. The male lead should rationally treat the sexual experience and behavior of sexy underwear.

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