Teacher sex lingerie novel

Chapter 1: Beautiful Teacher

This is a story about sexy underwear and teachers.At the beginning of the story, she was a beautiful teacher. She had a perfect figure, but she always wore loose clothes during class, and seemed to be deliberately covering something.Not only that, in her words and manners, a mysterious and sexy temperament often shows.

Chapter II: Discovery of Sex Underwear

One day, the students picked up a black lace sexy underwear in the teacher’s classroom, which seemed to fall out of the teacher’s bag.This discovery surprised the students, and they never thought that the teacher would have such equipment.

Chapter III: Students’ Curiosity

The students began to have endless curiosity about the sexy and mysterious temperament of the teacher, and they began to guess the teacher’s appearance of sexy underwear.In the students’ conjecture and discussion, the story has begun to become interesting.

Chapter 4: Teacher’s Secret

Driven by the curiosity of the student, one day, a brave student decided to sneak into the teacher’s office and check the teacher’s dress in the office.As a result, he found that there were many different types of sexy underwear in the teacher’s wardrobe, each of which was mouthwater.

Chapter 5: Seeds of Desire

From then on, the desire in the students’ hearts began to expand.They began to guess the teacher’s appearance of various types of erotic underwear. In the middle, the mysterious image of the teacher showed a sexy light in the eyes of the students.

Chapter 6: Facing Imagination

Finally, one day, the students decisively invited the teacher to participate in the party, asking the teacher to wear their favorite erotic underwear to attend.The teacher rejected the invitation, but she began to realize that her mysterious image could not be underestimated.

Chapter 7: Teacher’s Decision

In lingering, the teacher decided to face this potential power.She put on a sexy underwear she likes, walking in front of the students, showing them a sexy, mysterious, and charming side to them.

Chapter 8: Achievement of Truth

The students’ desire for the teacher was truly satisfied. They saw that the teacher with black lace became a different mysterious woman, and the teacher’s confidence and charm were deeply felt by the students.

Chapter 9: The Depth of Education

As a result, the teacher’s education method changed, and she began to pay attention to the students’ ideas and desires, and solved their problems in more ways.In the process, sexy underwear has become the key focus of teachers to explore this new field.

Chapter 10: Views

Sexy and mysterious women are always fascinating, but we should realize that these feelings are just short.The important thing is that we can understand and understand the true meaning behind these feelings, and treat these feelings in life, so that they can bring us true happiness and happiness.

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