The description of sexy underwear in the novel

Description of erotic lingerie in novels

1. Overview of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a underwear clothing designed with lust.It focuses on color, style, material, etc. to make the wearer feel sexy and attractive.This underwear is suitable for wearing in private occasions, such as couples between the two, or those who want to tease the other half.In novels, sometimes the form of sexy underwear is used to describe the sexy or teasing of the character.

2. Harvesting the color of the eyeball

The color of sexy underwear usually uses bright red, black, blue and other colors, as well as vivid floral elements to enhance the visual impact.This strong contrasting color can make the protagonist more mysterious or charming in the novel, and it is also convenient to compare and distinguish from other clothing.

3. The tailoring that complements the body

The tailoring of sexy underwear is generally more exposed than traditional underwear, which aims to highlight the curve and lines of the figure.In the description of the novel, you can show the temptation of the main character through a more detailed description method, such as convex points, depression, etc.

4. Mysterious material

When it comes to the material of sexy underwear, you usually choose some soft and elastic linen gauze, lace, Felsa, silk and other high -end materials.These materials are comfortable and breathable, and at the same time have a certain retro and noble sense.The potential aesthetic value of the material can make the narrative of the novel more beautiful, and it can also convey the elegant taste of the protagonist.

5. Details to create lust

The design of sexy underwear often pays attention to the deliberate processing of details.In novels, these details can be described in detail, such as jewelry, lace, camisole, etc., so as to increase the situation and the authenticity described.At the same time, proper and fine descriptions are also one of the important means to create an atmosphere of desire.

6. Men and women’s models

Interest underwear is not limited to women, but also designed some unique underwear for men.Men’s sexy underwear uses tight, transparent, sexy and other elements.In the novel, you can also use men’s sexy underwear to increase the sense of mystery and suspense.

7. The matching style of sexy underwear

The appearance of sexy underwear is diverse, and it can be well matched with other clothing/accessories.In novels, proper matching can make the sexy and charm of the character more expressive.For example, on the basis of sexy underwear, inlaid some sequins, beads, belts, etc. can create more gorgeous visual effects.

8. Interesting sexy underwear expressing character personality

In the novel, what kind of underwear wearing the characters can show certain individual characteristics of the character.If the protagonist is wearing a lot of sexy underwear, this will be more obvious.For example, the heroine wearing open -shoulder and sexy underwear can show her sexy and self -confidence, and may also reveal some provocative tone.

9. The effect of sexy underwear on character behavior

The characters wearing erotic underwear are not only more sexy than others, but also may be more open because of wearing.In novels, this also needs to be fully considered.For example, the heroine becomes more teasing because she wears sexy underwear.

10. Conclusion

The description of erotic underwear in the novel is not only a means of creation, but also through detailed descriptions to show the character’s character and inner change.The characters wearing sexy underwear are often more full of mystery and attractiveness, which also provides a new idea for the shape of the character image.

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