Taobao shop opens the name of sexy underwear

Opening a sexy underwear shop is very important.The name of Taobao shop can be your first sales gimmick, so you must carefully plan.In this article, I will discuss with you how to choose a good name for your Taobao sex lingerie shop to increase your sales.

First, the name of the name should be simple and clear

Not all Taobao sex underwear shops need to use long names.On the contrary, your store name should be short and powerful.Whether you choose a phrase or a word, your goal should be to make things easy to remember and pronounce it.

2. Bold exploration

When involving the name of Taobao sex underwear shop, there must be a brave exploration spirit.Names can cause interest, surprise or amazing.Don’t find the idea of innovation because of worrying about greater risks.

3. Use distinction language to increase brand value

If you want to show a specific language or cultural style, you can consider using a specific language distinction in the store name.This can increase your brand value because it has established a meaningful personality for your brand.

Fourth, including business scope vocabulary

Your Taobao sex underwear store name can be related to the scope of business.By containing these keywords in the name, you can increase your website traffic and attract those who are searching for content related to your products.

5. Highlight brand selling points

When naming Taobao sex lingerie shop, a good choice is to highlight the brand selling point.You want to present a noticeable focus in the name of the online store, such as: "sexy breasts, exclusive luxury".

6. Use people names or cities as store names

Many sexy underwear shop names are named or city names.For example, "Little Beauty Lei Lei" or "Shanghai Love Girl".Utilizing person names or city names as store names can increase the regional and humanization of your shop, so that customers can feel happiness and comfort.

7. Promote the "interest" element

Give full play to the characteristics of Taobao platform marketing, apply the sex marketing elements to the living room, and use the fun multi -language rotation slogan to create a fun brand.

8. Use the EMOJI symbol

The name of the store containing the EMOJI symbol does not need a lot of text due to its graphics nature, which can easily make people pay attention and memory.For example "??? Interesting Baby ???".

Nine, consider the actual needs in the user’s heart

Before we name it, we should consider who will become our potential customers, and they are actually looking for.For example: What kind of sexy underwear do they want to buy?What type of underwear can give them a special experience?

10. Summary

In general, choosing a good Taobao sex underwear shop name is one of the important factors to promote sales growth.In the process of name, you must remember that the store name should be attractive to your users and reflect your brand’s personality characteristics.Excellent Taobao sex underwear store name should be simple, bold exploration, distinguishing language, including business scope vocabulary, highlighting brand selling points, user names or cities as store names, promoting erotic elements, using EMOJI symbols, and considering user actual needs.

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