Teacher wears a sexy underwear anime


In the Japanese animation industry, there is a "May I want to come to some rabbit today?"The work of" There is a special episode of Teacher’s Day. In order to celebrate this special day, the teachers have prepared a literary performance, but their performance content has caused a lot of controversy …

Interest underwear becomes part of the stage show

At the climax of the show, many teachers suddenly took off their suits, revealing the sexy underwear they dressed, and singing the music of the stage play. This scene was too unexpected.Among them.

Treatment of controversy and discussion

After this scene was broadcast, many people shouted for this, thinking that sexy underwear is still a very sensitive topic in Japan. Now the film and television industry actually introduces it into anime, which seems to be too much.

Reasons not to be accepted by everyone

Many people do not accept this incident that they feel that in a special program to celebrate Teacher’s Day, they actually presented themselves in a sexy image.impression.

Rise’s sexy underwear culture

Whether everyone accepts or does not accept this incident of showing sex underwear, it has to be recognized as a step in the development of sexy underwear. Nowadays, sex underwear has become one of the flirtatious tools used by many young women, which is loved by the public.

Feel the sexy self -confidence brought by sexy underwear

Some people may not be familiar with the concept of sexy underwear, but it can really make women feel new, different from daily life, so as to let them know themselves, and let others more people have more people.Know them.

Suitable for different colors, shapes and styles of sexy underwear

If you want to buy sexy underwear, don’t forget to make appropriate adjustments in color, shape and style. The choice of color and style should be matched with your skin color, which can make your overall fashion atmosphere more outstanding.

Choose the sexy underwear that suits you

In order to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, you need to understand your figure, personality and style characteristics, and remember to choose to wash the convenient and comfortable fabric, so as to better wear the charm of sexy underwear.

The relationship between sexy underwear and sex

Generally speaking, sexy underwear is designed to enhance the fun of sexual affection.At the same time, it can also make people wearing it feel unusual sexy and confident, which is what many women want to get in sexual life.

The application of sexy underwear on different occasions

Interest underwear is not only necessary in sex. It also uses parties, dinner, dinner, dating, and dances. It may make you the focus of the scene and make your friends and lovers more nostalgic for you.


Although the incident of sexy underwear caused controversy and unnecessary trouble, in fact, the sexy underwear itself is a very beautiful, sexy, and confident clothing.Color and vitality.

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