Taobao sex underwear women’s name

1. The origin of sexy underwear women’s clothing

As a sub -culture, sexy underwear originated in the West. With the opening of society, the women’s underwear women’s clothing gradually entered the vision of the Chinese public.As one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China, Taobao has naturally become a gathering place for women’s underwear women’s clothing.Therefore, the name of Taobao sex underwear women’s clothing has also become a topic that cannot be ignored.

2. Innovation of sexy underwear women’s names

In order to attract consumers, sexy underwear women have been developing new styles and names.If you search for sexy underwear on Taobao, you will find that there are many loud names, such as "Pentagon Sexy Lingerie", "Love Rock and Fun Underwear", "Devil Love Lover’s Inflowing Underwear" and so on.These loud names can not only attract consumers, but also reflect the uniqueness of women’s underwear women’s clothing.

3. Use brand and star effects

In Taobao’s sexy underwear women’s clothing market, some brands also pay attention to innovation of names, such as "Viven, JUYIA, Idol Wonderful House, Cocoepps, Qizhi" and so on.In addition, many sexy lingerie women’s brands also hire stars or fashion bloggers as spokespersons, such as Dili Reba, Lin Yun, Bao Bell, etc.The effects of these brands and celebrities have also promoted the innovation and development of women’s women’s clothing names to a certain extent.

4. Highlight personalization and fashion

Personalization and fashion are the two main melody of the women’s underwear market today.As consumers’ demand for sexy underwear has continuously upgraded and changed, the names of sexy underwear women’s clothing are constantly innovating and updating.Some names with a sense of fashion and innovation, such as "sexy wedding and sexy lingerie", "enchanting patent leather sexy underwear", "Queen Family Fairy Underwear", etc., can often be deeply printed in consumers’ minds and promote consumption production.Essence

5. Pursue the quality and texture of the product

In the sexy underwear women’s clothing market, some brands and merchants have begun to emphasize the quality and texture of the product.They use high -quality fabrics and fine workmanship to improve the quality and texture of the product, so that the names of women’s underwear women’s clothing are more meaningful and vitality.

6. Use erotic language effects

For some sexy underwear women’s clothing merchants, they also use some erotic language effects in the innovation of their names, so as to cause strong shock and resonance among consumers.For example, "Enchanting Bades’ Sex Lords", "Rainbow Tempting Sex Lords", "Wanna Kitten sexy underwear", etc. These names not only make people believe in the sexy and desires of women’s women’s women’s clothing, but also tease people’s interests and curiosity.

7. The question of vulgar naming

Although the innovation and development of women’s underwear women’s names have injected fresh blood into the consumer market, some merchants have experienced vulgar problems in the innovation process of their names.Some sexy underwear women’s names, such as "opening pants sexy underwear", "belly pocket sex lingerie", "water drops sexy underwear", etc., not only did not reflect the art and cultural connotation of women’s underwear women’s clothing, but let consumers feel when buying when buying.Embarrassment and discomfort.

8. Closer to life and society

The market competition in the market for women’s underwear women’s clothing is becoming more and more intense. Merchants need to be closer to consumers ‘lives and society, and compliance with consumers’ needs and psychology.For example, the names such as "sexy girls’ sexy underwear" and "cat princess sexy underwear" all reflect the close relationship between sexy underwear women’s clothing and today’s consumer market.

9. The meaning of the name

There is a layer of meaning behind the names of women’s underwear women’s clothing. Some names are affected by traditional culture, such as "lotus leaf sexy underwear", "ancient style of sexy underwear", etc.;, "Thickening of sexy underwear", etc.; some names use symmetrical and dual -level methods, such as "Flower Hearts and Sports Fun Underwear", "Sexy Seduces Sexy Underwear" and so on.

10. Viewpoint

Women’s names of sexy underwear, as part of the sexy underwear women’s market, played a very important role.In the process of innovation and promotion, merchants need to eliminate consumer confusion and doubts through new methods and paths.Therefore, a good name must not only have a sense of personality and fashion, but also to evoke consumers’ resonance and emotions.Only in this way, the development of the women’s underwear women’s clothing market can better lead the trend of society and fashion.

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