Sexy underwear shows her chest

Sexy underwear shows her chest

Sexy underwear shows her chest

As a sexy representative, sexy underwear shows people’s rich styles and colors, and the sexy underwear exposed in the chest is even more sought after.So how do you choose to show your chest and sexy underwear?

1. Determine your chest type

Each woman’s chest shape is different, so you must first understand your chest shape to choose the exposed chest and sexy underwear that suits you.If it is a circular chest shape, you can choose a corset without a strap or triangle; if it is a rising type, you can choose a V -shaped or U -shaped corset to better highlight the curve of the chest; if it is drooping, you can choose to choose fromA corset with support cup.

2. Pay attention to the choice of the bra size

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When choosing to expose the breasts of the chest, you also need to pay attention to the size of the capsule. The inappropriate size will make the curve of the chest unsightly and uncomfortable.You can measure selection in a professional store, or you can measure your chest and bust, and choose the corresponding size.

3. Pursue the balance between sexy and nature

Choosing to reveal the breasts not only pursue sexy, but also pay attention to moderate and pursue natural balance.Too exaggerated design may make people feel "excessive decoration, unnatural".

4. Select matching according to the occasion, wearing style

The dressing of the chest and sexy underwear can actually be very flexible, and it can be matched according to different occasions and style.For example, a dress or strap jacket on the chest, you can choose a sexy underwear with stockings or lace edges, which are both sexy and layered.

5. Choose the right color

The color of exposing the chest and sexy underwear also needs to be selected according to personal skin tone and outbound occasions.Light skin tone and pink are suitable for people with whiter skin tone; black and red are suitable for people with dark skin tone; gold and silver are more suitable for formal occasions such as evening dresses.

6. Pay attention to the details when dressing

When wearing a more sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the details.For example, you can choose a red lip makeup that echo the color of the sexy underwear to increase the overall color and layering.

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7. Keep the sexy underwear clean

Interesting underwear is the same as other clothing and needs to be kept clean.You can wash or machine, do not wash with other clothes when washing, or use chemicals such as bleach to avoid damaging the material and design of the sexy underwear.

8. Careful maintenance, extend the service life

The materials of sexy underwear are mostly easy to be damaged materials such as lace, silk, and the quality are uneven. In order to extend the service life, carefully maintain it.For example, put it in dry, ventilated, and cool places when storing, avoid sunlight and humidity, and do not hang sex underwear with a hanger to deform it.

9. Choose the quality of the brand to ensure the quality

Choosing a well -known brand’s sexy underwear can ensure its design, materials and quality.In addition, the well -known brand sexy underwear can better meet the combination of various needs and occasions, and at the same time, the after -sales service is more thorough.

10. Faith is the best place to the birthplace

When wearing chest and sexy underwear, you must not only choose the style and color that suits you, but also confidence.Because "self -confidence is the best birthplace", wearing a decent exposure of chest and sexy underwear can truly show your beauty and sexy.

In summary, choosing the exposure of your chest and sexy lingerie not only need to choose carefully, but also pay attention to the details of the details, so as to show your sexy and natural beauty in the wear.