Sexy underwear series works

Sexy underwear series works

Brief introduction

As a unique women’s underwear, sexy underwear has a variety of styles and designs that are different from ordinary underwear.Its design is inspired by the colorful toys, charming and sexy performing arts, and other elements. After clever structure and fabric processing, it presents a unique visual effect and comfortable dressing feeling.

Sex underwear type

Interest underwear is mainly divided into the following types:

Beauty erotic underwear: inspired by the image of sexy beauty, it has rich accessories and painting effects.

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Sexual feelings: Simple design, split, perspective sexy underwear, emphasizing curve beauty and skin feel.

Adult sexy underwear: Mainly facing the adult market, common types are SM sex lingerie, lace sexy underwear, etc.

European and American sexy underwear: European and American countries have more open and natural treatment of sexy underwear, and more emphasize the effects of sexuality.

Beauty sex lingerie series

Beauty erotic lingerie series is a sexy underwear with the image of sexy beauty as design inspiration.The common styles include:

Japanese loli: Inspired by Japanese anime neutralized idol image, common elements include rabbit ears, bows, hollowed out, etc.

Student girl: Inspired by the image of the youthful beauty of the campus, the common styles include short -sleeved tops, shorts with stockings, skirts, etc.

Nurse dressing: The sexy image of the nurse is inspired by design. Common styles include white clothes with red lace decoration, stewardess uniforms, etc.

Sex and Emotional Lingerie Series

Lingerie Set

Sexy underwear series is a simple and see -through sexy underwear.The common styles include:

Hap -on money: The main features are designed with hollowing out, fitting the skin without exposing too much skin.

Exquisite models: carefully made lace, satin, silk and other materials, with beautiful accessories to create elegant sexy.

Society: Divided into two parts, and the lower part is usually T -shaped, which will emphasize the beauty of the hip and waist.

Adult sex lingerie series

Adult sex lingerie series facing the adult market, common types are SM sex lingerie, lace sexy underwear, etc.

SM sex underwear: Design around the theme of BDSM, use leather and iron rings to increase the bold atmosphere.

Lace erotic underwear: Use lace lace as the main element of sexy underwear, emphasizing fun and romance.

Deep V sexy underwear: V -shaped design and deep V’s tailoring can highlight the chest and unlimited charm.

European and American sex lingerie series

European and American sex lingerie series is more comfortable in dealing with sexy and interest. Common styles include:

OL Uniform: Inspired by the dresses of women in the workplace, the design style is relatively simple, and the color is uniform, pure, and generous.Common styles are dresses, skirts and suits.

Sexy swimsuit: Common styles include bikini, swimming skirts, etc., mainly characterized by fitting body lines and high -quality fabrics.

Retro taste: Common styles have a very eye -catching sense of age, emphasizing the ultimate retro beauty.Its design is still very sexy and natural.

Materials and fabrics

The selection of sexy underwear materials and fabrics is an important factor that affects its sexy and comfortable sense.The materials and fabrics commonly used in sex underwear are:

Silk: Generally speaking, the real silk fabric feels soft, the silk is clean, breathable, and higher.

Lace: Lace fabrics are often used in the cutting of underwear, with seductive perspective effects and unique texture.

PU leather: PU leather is mainly composed of leather base cloth+PU coating. It has a strong waterproof friction and low production cost. It is an affordable underwear material.

Wear and maintenance

In addition to the design and materials of underwear, wearing and maintenance also plays a vital role in sexy underwear.

Wear: The sexy lingerie is soft and gently when wearing it, so as not to damage due to excessive stretching and the texture decreases.After wearing underwear, you need to wait for the skin to adapt and gradually adjust it.

Maintenance: To avoid machine washing in sexy underwear, it is usually hand -washed to avoid wear fabric and outline.You can use professional underwear washing agents during cleaning, which not only helps maintain the original shape of the underwear, but also makes it cleaner.

Suitable occasion

Interest underwear is not suitable for all occasions, and you should understand the appropriate occasions.

Dating: Wearing a sexy underwear at a date is a preparation before meeting, which has special significance.And it is not difficult to find that this underwear has a stunning effect in the date.

Party: Interesting underwear is suitable for wearing on party, it will be the beginning of people’s interaction.Through the sexy shape, you can get more attention and make yourself the focus of the party.

Daily: The use of sexy underwear in daily wear should be controlled, and it cannot be worn in an over -formal or serious occasion to avoid impressions such as exposure and inappropriateness.

overall evaluation

The sexy underwear has become a stylish and sexy representative with its unique design style and high -quality materials.It not only meets people’s needs for private feelings and interesting life, but also is favored by consumers.I hope that there will be more creativity in the future, and the sexy underwear of more different styles and materials will be launched to make people more convenient to choose, more comfortable, and find their favorite styles and feelings.