Sexy underwear open legs

Sexy underwear open legs

Understand the style of love underwear

Sexy underwear’s leg is sexy and teasing style, which is often used in scenes such as sex products, sex toys.It is characterized by opening the hip or abdomen, which is convenient to use in sex, increase pleasure and enthusiasm.This kind of sexy lingerie style mainly has the following:

Sexy exposed panties

Sexy hip -hip underwear is one of the common styles in sexy underwear. As the name suggests, there is a mouthful in the hips to expose the hips, highlighting the curve sexy.At the same time, according to actual needs, this style can also be divided into S, M, L code, which is suitable for multiple female women.

Rotor opening underwear

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The crotch opening underwear is a relatively open style. It sets a opening in the position of the stock part to facilitate the release in the process of sex and increase the sexual experience.In addition, this type of underwear has a variety of colors and materials to meet the needs of different users.

Maker Violet stockings

Mading violet stockings is a very eye -catching sexy lingerie style. It has a opening on the inside of the thighs and the root of the thighs. It has a very conspicuous and seductive effect.The material of this sock is made of fiber such as silk lines or nylon, which feels soft and comfortable, and increases the dual pleasure of visual and touch.

Challenge sexy open crotch underwear

Challenge sexy crotch underwear is a relatively open and sexy underwear style. It sets a large opening on both sides of the abdomen and hips, making users easier and smoother in the process of sex.This underwear style also has a variety of colors and styles for users to choose from, which can be selected according to their preferences.

Passion lace transparent three -point panties

Passionate lace transparent three -point underwear is a transparent sexy lingerie style. It sets a opening in the hip position to make sex more convenient.The edges are bright lace, which increases elegant and soft temperament.At the same time, this underwear is very light and has a very comfortable feel and personal effect when wearing.

Night story sexy T -shirt skirt

Night -story sexy T -shirt skirt is a sexy underwear dress. It sets a opening in the abdomen and hip positions, allowing users to be more free and smooth during sex.This underwear dress uses high -quality, soft fabrics to make the body perfect and care.


Shiny through seeing fun underwear suits

The shiny and threatening underwear suit is a transparent, shiny sexy lingerie style, which is very sexy and teasing.The set includes products such as gathered breasts, underwear and long stockings, which can help users create a more perfect sexy temperament and taste.

Display the sexy underwear of the real temperature

It is revealed that the sexy underwear of real temperature is a different style of sexy lingerie. It can change the shape and color according to the real temperature and state of the user’s skin. It is very interesting and creative.At the same time, this underwear style also has a opening setting, which is convenient for use in the process of sex.

Rhythm sexy bow transparent underwear

Rhythmic sexy bow transparent underwear is a very sexy sexy lingerie style. It is woven from some transparent materials. At the same time, a bow is set on the chest and hip positions, which is very cute and charming.There are also openings on both sides of the underwear of this style, making users more free and smooth in sex.


Interest underwear, open leg style has a very important role in sex scenes, which can increase interest and enthusiasm and improve sexual experience.At the same time, the choice of these styles is also very diverse, and the most suitable style can be selected according to different user needs.It is hoped that when you use these underwear styles, you can ensure hygiene, safety, and make the sex process smoother and better.