Curious Misi sexy shirt

Curious Misi sexy shirt


Miss sexy underwear is a brand known for unique innovation and high -quality sexy underwear.The brand mainly provides a variety of beautiful, sexy and comfortable sexy underwear, including adult sexy underwear, beauty sexy underwear, sexy sexy lingerie and other types.

Curious Misi sexy shirt

Among them, curiosity Misi sexy underwear is an important series of the brand.The design purpose of this series is to provide stimulating visual effects and comfortable fit.The following are some characteristics:

Peculiar design

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The design of Misi sexy underwear is very unique, with various colors and patterns, such as black, white, red and pink petal patterns, leopard patterns and clown patterns, etc. All the purpose is to highlight the sexy and innovative design.

Tight -fitting

Curious Honey sexy underwear is also very tight, so it has shaped the perfect body line to make women’s figure more charming.In addition, this sense of fit can also enhance the feeling of sex.


Although curious about honey silk erotic underwear tightly fit, the material must be soft and comfortable, avoid discomfort when wearing opaque or friction.In this way, even if you wear it all night, it will be extremely comfortable.

Wide use occasions

Curious Miss’s erotic underwear is also suitable for various occasions, whether at home or participating in party, you can wear it.In addition, in a private occasion between husband and wife, women wearing curious honey erotic underwear can also be more attractive.

Multiple sizes

Different women need different sizes. Curious Misi sex lingerie series provides a variety of size, from XS to 3XL, so that each woman can choose a size suitable for you.

Thigh High

A variety of styles

Curious Misi sexy underwear series not only provides a variety of colors and patterns, but also includes a variety of styles. From one -piece T -shaped pants to a conjoined swimsuit, everyone can find their favorite styles and styles.Essence

Maintenance and cleaning

Correct maintenance and cleaning can extend the life of the curiosity of Misi sexy underwear.The best way is to wash it by hand. Use low temperature water and neutral detergent to dry well. It cannot be exposed in the sun or dry with a thermal machine.


The design purpose of curiosity of Misi erotic underwear series is to make women feel comfortable and sexy, and improve the feeling of companionship between husband and wife.Because of its meticulous, prominent, comfortable, different, diversity, maintenance and other characteristics, it has become a unique brand in the sex underwear market.The design concept of this series adheres to innovation, passion, simplicity and elegance.