Do you dare to use boiling water to blanch the sexy lingerie?

Do you dare to use boiling water to blanch the sexy lingerie?

Interesting underwear is a special underwear. It is designed as sexy, and some can even seem naked. This also makes many people question when buying such underwear: Do you dare to use boiling water to buy boiling water?Next, we will answer this question from multiple angles.

Style, material and use

First of all, it is clear that the styles, materials and uses of sexy underwear are different, and their response measures are also different.For example, the sexy underwear of pure cotton and other materials can be washed with boiling water multiple times, while some impermeable materials may be damaged.Therefore, before using boiling water, you need to choose according to their styles, materials and uses.

Temperature and time

Before using boiling water, it is necessary to consider temperature and time.Because the temperature is too high and the time is too long, it will adversely affect the fun underwear.For sexy underwear that needs to be hot with boiling water, the best way is to put underwear in boiling water, and then take it out immediately. Do not let it soak in boiling water for too long.In addition, the temperature also needs to be controlled within the appropriate range, and it is recommended to be below 50 ° C.

Prevent deformation

When boiling water, pay attention to prevent the sexy underwear from deforming.Some styles of sexy underwear are relatively fragile. If it is soaked in boiling water for too long, it may appear deformation, which will affect its appearance and wearing effect.Therefore, before boiling water, they need to check their size and form to avoid deformation.

Use soap or professional washing agent

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is also relatively unique.If you clean it with ordinary soap or washing powder, it may not be thorough enough.It is recommended to use soap or professional washing agent for cleaning, which will be more effective and help you better protect your sexy underwear.

Hand washing or machine washing

When cleaning, you need to pay attention to the difference between hand washing or machine washing.Some heavy underwear can be cleaned well under hydropower by machine washing, but for some fragile erotic underwear, it is best to use hand washing, so as to avoid their wear, damage or deformation.


Sex underwear needs to be dry after cleaning, and the drying method may also affect its texture and service life.For cotton and thin sexy underwear, you can directly dry it on the balcony, but for more sexy underwear such as glue or convenient pants, it is better to use ventilation and drying.

Pay attention to keep

After use, sexy underwear also needs to be stored.Some special materials and styles of sexy underwear may need to be folded, while others need to hang them.At the same time, it is necessary to notice that the place of storage should not be too humid, direct sunlight, or oppressed by other items.These will affect the texture and service life of sexy underwear.


When buying sexy underwear, many people have doubts: Does the sexy lingerie you buy dare to use boiling water?In fact, as long as you choose according to the material, style and use of the underwear, and notice the temperature, time, preventing deformation, using soap or professional washing agent, hand washing or machine washing, and paying attention to storage, etc., you can be better.Protect sexy underwear and increase its service life.Although the maintenance of sexy underwear takes some thoughts, this will also add more light to your sexy.

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