Wearing erotic underwear is not good -looking

Wearing erotic underwear is not good -looking

Wearing sexy underwear, women’s sexy and beauty can be reflected.But if it is not properly matched, it will be contrary to their wishes, and it may leave a bad image in the eyes of others.So, how can we wear sexy underwear to look good?Below, let’s take a look together.

Choose the underwear that suits you

The style, size, color, and style of underwear need to be considered in the body and skin color.For example, the color can choose to contradict your skin color or similar to your skin tone; the size should also be appropriate, not too large or too small; the styles with suitable figures are also suitable.Therefore, before choosing underwear, consider your body and preferences, and then choose the qualified underwear style.

Properly matched

Matching is also very important.For example, with skirts or shorts, you need underwear and the color of the clothing below to coordinate, so as to wear comfortable and natural.Of course, you can try to be paired with underwear with independent buckles. This is convenient to wear and take off and bring different feelings to the people who see it.

Pay attention to details

The details determine the success or failure, the underwear is not beautiful, and it is easy to be discovered by others.Especially those small parts should be well maintained, such as the width of the strap, the density between the bra and the density between the bras, etc.These small details can easily affect the image of the whole person, so when you choose underwear, do not ignore these details.

Choose the appropriate field to wear

Sex underwear also has appropriate occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Dating and Birthday.If you wear sexy underwear in ordinary life, it will look out of time.Therefore, when choosing a dressing occasion, you must consider it carefully.

Pay attention to the matching style

Interest underwear also has a variety of different styles, which can be said to be a variety of.And women can choose their own style according to their preferences and occasions.For example, sweet style can make women look more fresh and cute, and sexy style can better reflect the beauty of their own curves and so on.Therefore, when choosing underwear style, you must also choose to choose from your own characteristics.

Consider various problems under the body

Each woman’s body shape is different, so the style of underwear is different.Underwear needs to be comfortable and can help adjust the figure.For example, women with thicker waist need to choose some sexy underwear that can be waist and shaped.

Confidence is the most important

One of the reasons why wearing erotic underwear is because of lack of self -confidence.In any case, as long as you wear comfortable and natural and have confidence in yourself, in the eyes of others, you will look more beautiful and sexy.

Storage is skillful

When storing underwear, pay special attention.The storage method of underwear is improper, which is not only easy to deform clothes, but also can deform, change color, and fall down.Therefore, when storing underwear, you can use a special underwear or cover to protect the underwear.


Wearing a sexy underwear is not good -looking, it may be because of deep reasons, such as lack of self -confidence.Therefore, in our usual life, we must exercise more self -confidence, love ourselves, make your heart more beautiful, and wear beautiful erotic underwear confidently, so as to make ourselves truly a beautiful woman.

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