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Interest underwear is a special costume designed to add sex and sex.It can make the ordinary sex process more exciting and interesting.However, in the concepts of many people, sexy underwear has been regarded as a representative of yellow video and obscene pornography.Faced with such confusion and misunderstandings, we need to understand more in -depth sex underwear.This article aims to explore the nature, types and methods of using sexy underwear in order to allow readers to have a more comprehensive understanding of sexy underwear.

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special dress designed specifically for increasing sexual interest.It mainly includes two types of women’s underwear and men’s underwear. Most women’s sexy underwear is sexy and designed. It is hot and hot. Men’s sexy underwear focuses on stimulation and comfort, which is closer to men’s physiological and psychological needs.

Common sexy underwear types

1. Sex of the bra: In addition to the usual bra, the sex bra design is more sexy and luxurious. It is often made of thin, transparent or high -quality fabric. The texture close to the skin makes people feel soft, comfortable, and natural.At the same time, exquisite details and combinations of different materials can enhance the overall visual effect.

2. Sexual underwear: Sexual underwear is divided into various styles, such as Japanese cute and Korean sexy.Most of them are very good design, such as lace, lace, ribbon, hook flowers, as well as ultra -thin design, perfect tailoring, etc., which are more suitable for wearing at night or dating fields.

3. Interesting jumpsuit: This design can show the tender posture of women, both sexy and elegant, can seamlessly connect bra and underwear, providing women with a wonderful visual enjoyment, which is very eye -catching.

4. Interesting suspenders: How cute and cute and sexy, and the fabric is more comfortable, it is one of the better sleep underwear.

How to choose the right sexy underwear?

1. Choose the right size: The most important thing for sexy underwear is to choose the right size. Its comfort and softness can make you more pleasant in each dress.

2. Buy according to different needs: In different situations, the demand for sexy underwear is different. If it is experienced orgasm and irritating, it will selectively sexy and jumping sexy underwear, and cooperate with the use of other pornographic productsEssenceIf you wear in daily life, you can choose a simple style.

Taboo use of sexy underwear

1. People with sensitive skin should not wear too sensitive sexy underwear

2. Sexy underwear is a personal item, avoid swapping with others

3. Avoid intense exercise and high -intensity sexual behavior when wearing sexy underwear

How to clean up sexy underwear?

Interest underwear needs to be cleaned frequently. When washing, be careful not to rub it hard. Use warm water and neutral detergent, rub it gently, and rinse it with water.Dry in natural conditions, do not use the dryer to dry.

The cause of sexy underwear can increase sexual pleasure

Interesting underwear itself is to increase the design of interest. Its appearance can stimulate the human body’s visual, auditory and other senses, so that the physical pleasure index is improved. While using sex underwear, it can achieve the effect of physical and mental pleasure.Change more interesting and exciting.

How to wear a sexy underwear to thrust J?

1. Select sexy sexy underwear, such as lace -style underwear, which can better satisfy the sexual interest and stimulus of men

2. Use the lubricant to make the friction more happy, and at the same time, it can also extend the lasting time

3. You can try to increase the effect of sexy underwear by dancing and kissing each other.

How to buy high -quality sexy underwear?

1. Look at the fabric: the comfort and support of the fabric are essential for experience

2. Look at the craft: The details of the sexy underwear are very different. You must choose to make fine underwear to avoid safety problems

3. Look at the brand: The most important thing is to choose a formal brand, which will have a better guarantee for physical health and clothing quality


As a new field of fashion that increases sex, sexy underwear has been accepted and loved by more and more people.Interest underwear can definitely play an important effect in sexual life. Only if you master this mysterious and wonderful experience can you truly enjoy the sensory feast brought by sexy underwear.

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