You can only wear sexy underwear

You can only wear sexy underwear

Start a description of sexy underwear.Interest underwear is a special underwear, and its design can make women more sexy and attractive.Moreover, many people choose to wear sexy underwear when having sex with their partners, because they can increase sexual interest and stimulus.If you are thinking about whether to wear a sexy underwear, or to know how to choose and match the sexy underwear correctly, this article provides you with some suggestions.

Appropriate sexy underwear size

For the choice of sexy underwear, the size is very important because sexy underwear must fit the body.If it is not suitable, it may be uncomfortable or uncoordinated, affecting your overall feeling and aesthetics.Therefore, be sure to understand your body size and insist on buying a sexy underwear with the right size.

Interesting underwear materials and texture

The material and texture of sexy underwear are also very important, because poor quality materials will cause discomfort on the skin and even damage the skin.Therefore, please select sexy underwear made of safety materials, such as soft, comfortable and durable silk and cotton fabrics.

Sexy underwear of different styles

There are many different styles of sexy underwear on the market, including hoods, underwear, bra, sexy jackets, etc.Please make sure you understand the characteristics of different styles and choose the style that is best for you.For example, sexy jackets are suitable for women who want to dress up as sexy goddesses and passion.

Color selection

For the choice of color, please select the color that is best for you, and also consider the overall beauty and matching of sexy underwear.It is best to choose the color that is suitable for your skin color and personal preference to ensure that you are comfortable and sexy.

Sex underwear matching

When matching a sexy underwear, you need to play your creativity and imagination within the acceptable range.Matching sexy underwear with suitable shoes and items can increase the beauty and attractiveness of sexy underwear.There is a tips when determining the matching, you can choose shoes and items similar to or opposite to the color of the sexy underwear.

Don’t be too exposed

The design of sexy underwear can not be too exposed even if it is sexy.Please make sure to wear it reasonably, but it is exposed.If you take off your jacket or pants and are still decent, this is a sexy underwear, not exposure.

Falling underwear comfort

The comfort of sex underwear must be considered.If the erotic underwear is uncomfortable, then your entire costumes will feel inappropriate.Please make sure your sexy underwear is soft, comfortable and flexible.

Stimulus coefficient

Finally, the most important factor -irritation.The main purpose of sexy underwear is to stimulate partners.If sexy underwear cannot produce any irritation, then this … it doesn’t make sense to wear it.Make sure you have enough stimulus coefficients you choose, which can meet the needs of you and your partner.


Before selecting sexy underwear, you should give priority to your comfort and the beauty and sexy you want to express.Please make sure to choose a soft, durable and comfortable material.In the end, the choice of sexy underwear should not be just about showing the bareness of the body, but considering the comprehensive effect of its irritation and wearing.

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