Yinghuang sex underwear factory recruitment phone number

Yinghuang sex underwear factory recruitment phone number

Welcome to join Yinghuang sexy underwear factory

Yinghuang sexy underwear factory is a professional manufacturer of sexy underwear. The product involves beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sex erotic lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear and other series. The product is excellent and has been loved by consumers.We have a group of professional technical teams and managers with many years of experience, which can provide employees with good development space and strong salary.

Job requirements

We sincerely invite the following talents to join us:

Designer: Responsible for the design and creativity of sexy underwear, requires related professional backgrounds, thinking independently, and strong innovation ability.

Production managers: Responsible for the arrangement and coordination of production plans to ensure the smooth operation of the production plan.Requires the background knowledge of production management.

Market salesperson: Responsible for product sales and promotion, require strong communication skills and marketing skills.


In addition to the strong monthly salary of funds, we also have comprehensive welfare benefits, including employee training, career development, prize money at the end of the year, five insurances and one fund, weekend break, annual leave, etc., so that employees’ work and life will be fully guaranteed.

Job Requirements

We want you:

Serious and responsible, be brave;

Have the spirit of teamwork, good communication and collaboration;

Have strong learning ability and innovation spirit.

working environment

We have first -class production equipment, comfortable office environment, and beautiful factory greening environment, and are committed to creating a good job and living atmosphere.

Contact information

Interested parties, please send your resume to our mailbox [email protected], or you can call our phone directly 020-88888888, welcome to consult at any time.

recruitment plan

We plan to recruit 100 new employees in the next year to lay a solid talent foundation for the company’s development.

Company Overview

Yinghuang Funny Underwear Factory was founded in 1995. It has more than 20 years of production experience and is committed to providing consumers with high -quality sexy underwear products. It is one of the leaders of China’s sexy underwear industry.


Yinghuang sex underwear factory is a professional sexy underwear manufacturer with many years of production experience. It has a broad market prospect and hopes to attract more talents to join.As a job seeker, you must have the spirit of teamwork, learning innovation ability, and courage to take the spirit of the company to better adapt to the company’s development.While the company’s development, we are also committed to providing employees with good welfare benefits and development space.If you are interested in our company and recruitment, please send your resume immediately or call our telephone consultation.I am looking forward to building a better future with you.

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