Yi Xi Qianxi Interesting Underwear Advertising Pictures


Yi Xi Qianxi is one of the representatives of Chinese idols today and has a large number of fans.Recently, his naked appearance in the sexy underwear advertisement of his brand caused a lot of sensation.Such an advertising form may not be common in China.But for sexy underwear brands, it is not new to seek such an advertising spokesperson.Below, this article will explore the challenges that the brand and spokesperson need to solve the challenges.

Sex underwear and spokesperson

The characteristics of sexy underwear brands are concentrated in sexy, luxurious and uniqueness.Therefore, brand marketing usually needs to match the attributes of the product with the brand image to attract the target audience.The current spokespersons are younger, fashionable, and have certain influence and sexual fantasy, such as Zhao Liying, Angelababy, Luhan and so on.As a spokesperson, Yi Xi Qianxi is undoubtedly a controversial choice.

Choice of spokesperson

In China, the sexy underwear market may not be stable, and consumers have a low degree of acceptance.The choice of artist as the spokesperson represents the brand’s marketing purpose.The effect that such advertisements need to achieve are to break through tradition, improve their awareness, and get more attention with third parties.For young consumer groups, "star -chasing consumption" and "star effects" transformed from idols are very attractive.Yi Xi Qianxi is such a representative, characteristic, influence and influence can attract target users.

Business value and marketing

The negotiation between the spokesperson and the brand is crucial.The brand needs to consider the image of the spokesperson, the information and values that the spokesperson wants to pass, the characteristics and demands of the brand’s target user, and so on.Therefore, such advertisements need to fit the taste -such as revealing a variety of characters, stories that provide plot, and so on.These measures will enhance the commercial value between brands and spokespersons, thereby increasing the success rate of marketing strategies.

The consistency of brand positioning and spokesperson selection

The choice of the spokesperson and the consistency of brand positioning are very important, because the personality of the brand needs to match the characteristics of the spokesperson, making the entire advertisement more convincing.Yi Xi Qianxi is so young, healthy, and pursuing freedom.The former Angelababy reflects her luxury, changes and avant -garde; Zhang Yiyi pursues sexy, fresh and freedom.The characteristics of brands and spokespersons can create a unique and attractive passion in the target customers.

Cost and interest

To realize such advertising requires a lot of investment, this is the economic interests that advertising spokespersons need to personal image and popularity.Not only the pressure of the endorsement contract itself, the brand must also bear all responsibility for the cost of advertising, shooting, public relations, etc. of the spokesperson.The influence of the spokesperson and her characteristics are also a certain cost.

Difficulty of passing information

The theme of sexy underwear advertisements is very unique, and it is easy to cause the public’s resentment.While passing the attractiveness and image of goods, the brand needs to cater to the acceptance and mainstreamization of the public.In addition, the transmission of advertising intentions also needs to be carried out in the interpretation, carefully designing the details of the storyline, and the content of advertising wearing.

Future Outlook and Trend

As advertising marketing, spokesperson markets, and consumer tastes become more and more mature, the adaptability of the positioning of sex underwear products and the image of the spokesperson will become higher and higher.It is an effective strategy to improve the success rate of marketing with the help of the spokesperson strategy.However, it should be noted that the advertising world is dynamic, and the spokesperson market proves its own incarnation.The continuous renewal of negotiation and consistency between brands and spokespersons must be adjusted and changed according to the needs of the history and marketing.

in conclusion

While transmitting information and discussing the discussion, Yi Xi Qianxi’s Interesting Underwear Advertising also increases the business and marketing value of brands and spokespersons.The spokesperson needs to express his personal wishes based on brand image, sexy underwear marketing goals, and consumers.Therefore, in order to create a better effect, this process must be carefully formulated and continuously updated.

At the moment of celebrity spokespersons dominated commercial marketing, sexy underwear advertisements are a very meaningful landmark event.With the help of star endorsement marketing strategies, it has a great role in promoting brand value and attracting target customers.

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