Yehuo sexy underwear video show

Yehuo sexy underwear video show

Night is a sexy spokesperson, and the sexy underwear in the night is hot.As a kind of underwear, the design of sexy underwear is more focused on stimulating sexual desire and pursuing visual impact.Today, we will introduce a sexy underwear called Yehuo. It is a perfect underwear that integrates people’s sensory needs, presents a figure curve, and can make women freely play with sexy and confident.

Design and material

Night -fire and sexy underwear uses two materials: lace and silk. These high -quality materials are made of exquisite sewing technology. It is soft and comfortable, so that your skin can breathe freely.The upper body is made of exquisite lace. The design is simple and exquisite three -dimensional outline, adding a feminine curve.The bottom is made of amazing satin material. The color is pure, and you can feel the meticulous care and tenderness when wearing underwear.

Style and color matching

The design styles of night fire and sexy underwear are diverse, and the color matching is bold. Various underwear can create all kinds of emotions and sexy you want.In terms of color, the classic black and red are very eye -catching, and the more charming pink and purple are more feminine.


Night -fire sex underwear is not just sexy, but also very comfortable to wear.The material is soft, the skin has no burden, it will not be tight or out of the marks, and with different jewelry, it can also improve the temperament and sexuality of the whole person.

Body adaptability

Night -Fire Interest Lingerie series is customized according to different populations. Different styles and sizes can meet different figures and needs.Whether it is an A -shaped conjoined underwear, a plump bra, or a tight -wrapped waist type, the nightfire sexy underwear can perfectly show beauty.


Night -fire sex underwear can not only wear it alone, but also go out with other clothing.For example, under the dresses with a lower size of the deep V -neckline, it shows sexy breasts and beautiful body curves.It can also be worn under a large pajamas, quiet and elegant.


The maintenance method of night fire and sexy underwear is very easy.We recommend that you use a small amount of neutral detergent, soak the underwear for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it gently.After washing, dry the water with a cotton towel, and then dry it in a cool place.

Buy channels and prices

Yehuo sexy underwear can be purchased on sexy underwear stores, sex products malls, and website of Taobao,, Tmall and other websites.According to different styles and materials, the price of night fire and sexy underwear is also different, between 300-1000 yuan.


The design styles of night fire and sexy underwear are extremely suitable for sexy, confident, brave, and free women.It is not just underwear, but a way to show beauty and sexy.It can stimulate women’s self -confidence and charm, increasing women’s sexy and attractiveness.

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