Yang Ying wore a sexy lingerie shopping

Yang Ying wore a sexy lingerie shopping


Recently, Yang Ying wore a picture of a black erotic lingerie shopping on the Internet that caused various controversy and speculation.As a sexy underwear expert, I want to explain the different types, styles and uses of sexy underwear in this article, explain what is sexy underwear, and in fact, this fashion idol’s clothing choice is not strange.

Types of sex underwear

Sex underwear is usually designed as sexy or seductive clothes.The types of these underwear include bras, underwear, hanging socks, socks, stockings, uniforms, lace and silk, and many other exquisite styles.All of these have a common goal: highlight the beauty of women’s bodies, and to a certain extent enhanced sexual attraction.

Black color sexy underwear style

Black -colored sex underwear is a popular style.It is a classic color and is very popular in the sexy underwear industry.This underwear can bring a mysterious and tempting atmosphere.Black can also give the wearer a sense of advanced.Black -colored underwear can be a different style, including lace, silk, and patent leather.These different styles and materials can be selected according to personal taste.

Yang Ying’s dress style

As a fashion idol and film and television star, Yang Ying has always been noticed by everyone.Her fashion taste and personal charm are never disappointing.This time she is not surprising that she has been wearing a sexy lingerie shopping, because she has always pursued unique and avant -garde, and she has the ability to interpret this style.This is her personal choice, which is related to her personal taste and style.We don’t have to verify her purpose of shopping, after all, everyone has their own lifestyle and preferences.

The purpose of sexy underwear

Different from ordinary underwear, sexy underwear has a certain temptation and performance.They can be used for private instantaneous or special occasions.For example, they can be used to enhance the attractiveness between lover or improve the strategic cooperation between husband and wife.At the same time, in some sexual performances and dance performances, sexy underwear also needs to play an important role.

The difference between sexy underwear and gender

Although sexy underwear is widely designed and manufactured for women, men’s sexy underwear also exists.These men’s sexy underwear is usually designed as a seductive, which can highlight the charm of men or enhance the sexual experience.

Interests of underwear and gender use

Different from the main goal of women’s sexy underwear to enhance the sexual attraction of women, the purpose of men’s sex lingerie includes not only enhanced the sexual attraction of men, but also the fun and stimulus of increasing sexual experience.Men’s sexy underwear can be used in various sexy materials, such as silk, leather and fish nets.And, like women’s sexy underwear, it can be used for private instantaneous and special occasions.

The advantages of sexy underwear

One of the advantages of sexy underwear is to enhance the relationship between couples.When men or women wear sexy underwear, their confidence will grow, and this self -confidence will spread to their relationship.In addition, sexy underwear can also enhance the sexual experience between couples.This underwear can increase contact and sensory stimuli, thereby increasing the sense of pleasure of sex.

in conclusion

There is nothing to be surprised by Yang Ying’s dressing and behavior.In modern society, sexy underwear has become a trend.Various types of sexy underwear have different styles and uses, but their common points are to enhance personal charm and sexual attractiveness.Of course, choosing to wear sexy underwear is personal freedom.If this dress makes people feel confident and happy, please try bravely.

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