Xu Yunmei Interesting Underwear Hot Dance

Xu Yunmei’s popular sexy underwear

Xu Yunmei is a well -known sexy underwear model. Its multiple sexy and charming sexy underwear is very popular.Here are some sexy lingerie styles she often wear, which can make you stand out in sexy dance.

Lace and mesh mix

This sexy underwear has a mixed design of lace and mesh materials, which makes Xu Yunmei even better when dancing.Lace and net eye design make the whole underwear look more sexy, revealing deep charm.

Close -up uniform

Personal uniforms are underwear suitable for high -temperature hot dance. Because its design and materials can make people breathe more, many young women choose it.If you want to try a new sexy role -playing, this is a good choice.

Transparent gauze

The transparent gauze skirt is a light sexy underwear that can make you elegant and dance.The outline of this sexy underwear is clear, emphasizing the body of women, and the exquisite mesh allows the audience to see it at a glance.Putting it, it feels like being performed with a variety of dances.

Lace -shaped underwear

Flame shaping underwear makes women feel confident because it can help shape the wonderful figure of women.There are many styles of this sexy underwear. They can emphasize the curve of women, making the wearer’s movements lighter and elegant.

Lace cup shell

Lace cup underwear is a classic sexy lingerie style. It holds the chest to make the cup stand upright and more prominent.Xu Yunmei often wore this underwear to perform sexy hot dances, perfectly showing her perfect figure.

Foreign style jelly

Exotic underwear usually imitates the style of Eastern or South American countries. It is mainly based on materials such as lace, hook flowers, and the bright colors such as gold, green, blue and red, which makes people feel enthusiastic.

Red stockings set

The red stockings set is usually composed of red underwear and stockings, helping actors to achieve their own fun role.It is a very popular sexy underwear because it is both sexy and performing characters.

Breast Fun underwear

This underwear has the dual effects of sexy and beautiful, and is usually paired with a bunch of small flowers on the chest, highlighting the cuteness of women.This is a cute sexy sexy underwear, which can bring some female charm in detail.

Butterfly Jiexin Underwear

Bowlon underwear style usually has a large decorative bow. These bows can add some cute and sexy effects to the stage.It is also a slightly cute style of sexy lingerie style.

Sexy split underwear

Sexy split underwear usually refers to a split design in the underwear area, making the leg lines smoother.It can make dancers more freely when moving, and it can also reflect the sexy and charming of women.


These sexy lingerie styles are all from Xu Yunmei’s experience and suggestions.When you put on these underwear, remember to choose a model and design that suits you according to your figure and style.Of course, both inside and appearance are important, and we must also remember to maintain confidence and stage charm in performance.

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