Xiaotian Sweet Funny Lingerie Novels

Xiaotian Sweet Funny Lingerie Novels

Opening Whimmer: Little Sweet Desire

Xiaotian likes sexy underwear, it makes her feel more confident and sexy, so she often chooses various types of sexy underwear, which makes her feel happy and happy.However, she has always wanted to have a special set of sexy underwear, a completely transparent, exquisite, only sexy underwear with a small amount of details so that she can show the sexiest side.

Surprise: shop owner’s suggestion

She decided to go to the local sexy underwear store to buy her dreamy underwear. After seeing her needs, the owner recommended a sexy underwear called "Crystal Baby".This erotic underwear is completely transparent, but it has delicate beads, which allows Xiaotian to show himself perfectly.

Interesting: Xiaoyan’s transformation

The exquisite beads sparkled on Xiao Tian, and the curves on her body became more outstanding.The whole person became full of sexy and charm, and the owner was surprised to find Xiao Tian’s transformation.

Mystery: Even the charm of body sex lingerie

In addition to the "Crystal Baby", the owner also recommended a physical and sexy underwear to Xiaotian.Unlike general sexy underwear, this sexy underwear is an integrated design that retains the perfect curve of women’s bodies and can show women’s sexy figure.Xiaotian quickly fell in love with this kind of sexy underwear.

Sexy: The beauty of hip -hip -hip underwear

The owner also recommended another sexy underwear to Xiaotian, which is a style called hip -hip underwear.This sexy underwear can effectively raise the hips to a higher position, making the whole person look more sexy.Xiaotian was quickly convinced by the design of this sexy underwear.

Wild nature: the charm of binding of sexy lingerie

The owner recommended a stranger sexy underwear to Xiaotian.This sexy underwear shows the sweetness of the sweetness, making her feel free and independent.The design of the strap in the details makes her look more sexy and seductive.

Luxury: Jewelry sex underwear temperament

The owner recommended a lot of jewelry sexy underwear to Xiaotian. This sexy underwear is like a gorgeous jewelry. After putting it on it, Xiaotian feels like playing the role of a noble girl, exuding temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament and temperament.Charm made her stand out from everyone.

Adventure: The excitement of leather sex lingerie

The owner recommended a leather sex underwear to Xiaotian. This sexy underwear is very suitable for those women who seek excitement.Wearing this sexy underwear, Xiaotian felt like she became a charming female hero.

Experience: Adventure in the fitting room

In order to better feel the charm of each sexy underwear, Xiaotian decided to try in the dressing room of the sex underwear shop.In the process of trying every erotic underwear, Xiaotian kept giving her different roles and experienced different feelings, while the owner kept admiring her.

Tailing: Fun underwear brings a change to Xiao Tian Tian

On the way home, Xiao Tian constantly remembered his experience in sexy underwear shops.Although it was only a shopping journey, these sexy underwear brought her countless new experiences and made her feel the potential and charm of her sexy body.In the future, Xiaotian decided to often take care of the sexy underwear shop and try more style of sexy underwear to make him more confident and sexy.

Viewpoint: Interesting underwear allows women to better feel the potential and charm of their bodies, and constantly find their sexy characteristics and charm in the experience process, making themselves more confident and sexy.

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