Wuxi sexy underwear shop

Introduction: The concept and classification of sexy underwear:

Interest underwear refers to the design and material focusing on uniqueness, artistic and sexy, and underwear with the intention of extending enthusiasm, prosperous love, and inspiring sexual desire.Interest underwear can be divided into sexy beauty sexy underwear, adult erotic lingerie and high -end European and American sexy underwear, as well as a variety of sexual erotic lingerie styles and colors.In Wuxi, there are many erotic underwear stores supply various styles of sexy underwear.

Style 1: Sexual Emotional Fun underwear:

There are many types of sexy underwear, including different materials and colors such as lace, silk, and mesh. At the same time, there are many types of styles, such as three -point, split type, lace edge, high waist, etc.In Wuxi, this type of sexy underwear is very popular, suitable for couples who want to add fun.

Style 2: Beauty Fun Underwear:

The main characteristics of beautiful women’s sexy underwear are sexy and cute.This sexy underwear highlights sweet and cute style with different designs and colors.In Wuxi, beauty lingerie is also very popular. It is suitable for single women who want to increase hormonal and sexy supplies.

Style 3: Adult sexy underwear:

Adults’ sexy underwear focuses more on functionality than other styles.It can not only meet the needs of interest, but also have various functions, such as breast enhancement, abdomen, buttocks, etc., which is more suitable for women with confidence and requirements for the body.

Style 4: European and American Instead:

The characteristics of European and American sexy underwear are atmospheric, elegant, and high quality.European and American sexy lingerie styles are mostly tedious embroidery, embroidery, diamonds, gems and other decorations, which are very beautiful and artistic.In Wuxi, European and American sexy underwear appears in the form of a wedding shop.

Style 5: Fun underwear material:

The material of the sexy underwear is to choose the material with good breathability, softness, comfortable, and good touch, which makes people cute, sexy, comfortable and both.At present, the most commonly used sexy lingerie in the market is silk, lace, yarn, PU, etc.

Style 6: The color of sexy underwear:

The color of sexy underwear is a warm color that chooses sexual desire and adds romantic atmosphere.The current color of the market includes red, black, purple, rose, blue, green and so on.The more popular is red and sexy underwear, which means the flame of burning love.

Style 7: Fun underwear match:

The matching of sexy underwear is very important. The combination of different underwear and accessories will have a completely different effect.For example: three -point erotic underwear is suitable for black stockings, high heels, etc.; Open crotch erotic underwear is more suitable for sexy accessories such as handcuffs and eyes.

Style 8: Interesting underwear maintenance:

The maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important. Due to the particularity of materials and styles, maintenance methods and ordinary underwear are also different.The sexy underwear should be washed with neutral detergent, and it should not be washed and dried in direct sunlight.In addition, it is important to keep dry.


Wuxi’s sexy underwear store offers a variety of gorgeous, sexy, and high -quality underwear, which has attracted the attention of many customers.People can use various styles and color sexy underwear to stimulate their passion and increase sexual interest.Whether it is a single woman and a couple or a married person, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can increase life interest and add color.

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