Women’s sexy underwear open crotch photos video

Women’s sexy underwear open crotch photos video


Interest underwear is a clothing specializing in enhancing the experience of women’s sex.Among them, open crotch sex lingerie is widely considered to be the most irritating and tempting type.However, due to the restrictions of gender ethics and laws, not everyone can get it easily.

Distinguish the pseudo -crotch and sexy underwear

There are many banners on the market with open crotch and sexy underwear. In fact, there are no fakes with open crotch design.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you must carefully check whether it is really open crotch design.The real open -crotch erotic underwear should be made of soft and comfortable, and it can be easily stretched, and it can easily open and close.

The type of open crotch sex lingerie

There are many different types and styles of open crotch sex underwear, which can choose different designs according to personal preferences and need.Here are several common types:

Conventional open crotch panties: Generally, there are zipper or buckle design in the crotch part, which is convenient for penetration.

Crispy crotch lingerie: Use tailoring instead of sutures to cut the crotch directly, which can make women more comfortable and free.

Double -sided open crotch Instead: With a two -way open crotch design, it can be opened from the front or back to increase the sense of irritation.

Hanging open crotch Instead: Put the open crotch design in an important position to increase stimuli and touch.

The role of open crotch sex underwear in sex

The main role of open crotch sex lingerie is to enhance women’s excitement and pleasure in sex.Through the open crotch design, women can make various sexual postures more freely, thereby increasing stimuli and fun.

How to correctly wear open crotch and sexy underwear

It is very critical to wear open crotch and sexy underwear. If it is not worn properly, it may cause discomfort and pain.The following is the correct method of wear:

First, wear it from your feet to ensure that the crotch part is located in the correct position.

Then pull it up to ensure that the underwear can be completely wrapped in the private part.

Finally adjust the position to ensure that the underwear will not slip or distort.

Hygiene of the open crotch sex lingerie

Because the open crotch sex lingerie is facing private parts, hygiene maintenance is very important.The following is the hygienic maintenance method of open crotch sex lingerie:

Every time you wear it, you need to clean it immediately, and you should not be soaked in the detergent for a long time.

Avoid using bleach or strong acids, strong alkali cleaning solution has a damage effect on the material of the underwear, resulting in short -lived underwear.

Do not mix the underwear with other clothes.

Do not put underwear in the sun and expose it to avoid damage and fading.Should be dried in a cool place.


Open crotch sex lingerie is very exciting and may cause high excitement and excitement of sexual behavior, but be sure to pay attention to the following problems:

Choose the right size to ensure comfort and safety.

Avoid wearing open crotch sex underwear where it is not clean or not sanitary conditions.

Do not wear open crotch and sexy underwear in public, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and embarrassment.

If you have symptoms of skin allergies or discomfort, you should stop wearing and seeking medical help.

in conclusion

Open crotch erotic underwear is a very exciting and seductive clothing.By buying the correct open crotch erotic underwear, and correcting and maintaining, women can enjoy more excitement and fun in sex.However, when wearing an open crotch and sexy underwear, you must pay attention not to violate morality and laws.

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