Women’s sexy underwear is fully transparent


Women’s sexy underwear has always been the favorite of female friends, and full transparent sexy underwear is even more exciting. However, how should such a underwear match and whether it is safe to wear, let us discuss one by one.

Suggestion of sex underwear

First of all, it is necessary to figure out that sexy underwear is not daily underwear, so its combination must be different.With a simple outer wearing a medium -long jacket or long coat can help modify the body problems, and at the same time, add layering and mystery to the overall matching.If you don’t want to expose, you can wear a long inner shirt and a pair of jeans or tights. Even if you walk on the street throughout the whole process, it is not too unique.If you want to further increase sexuality, you can choose high -heeled shoes, so that not only the proportion is stretched, but also beautified the leg curve.

The material and comfort of the all -transparent underwear

Fully transparent underwear is usually based on silk, chiffon or lace fabric. These materials are more comfortable to stick to the skin, and wearing it will give people a soft and soft sense.Another advantage of all transparent underwear is that it can be breathable, so we don’t feel sultry in summer. As long as you choose the right size, it will be very comfortable and free.

Full transparent underwear style and design

There are many transparent underwear styles, including classic bras, as well as suspenders, low -cut, lace, and a more hot split design.The simple design will make you look more innocent and cute, and the style of large lace and splitting will make you instantly become a sexy goddess!

The color matching of the all -transparent underwear

The color selection color of omnidirectional underwear can be matched with any color, especially black and white transparent underwear are classic. No matter what skin tone is put on, it is very beautiful.If you want to highlight your different temperament, you can also choose some unique colors such as blue, dark red, purple.

Hidden safety hazards of all transparent underwear

The higher the transparency of all transparent underwear, the more exposed skin, so it is particularly important to make underwear made of high -quality materials.Hidden safety hazards are not only revealed, but also if the material is too weak, it will not only cause color pollution and penetration.

Cleaning maintenance common sense

In addition to buying high -quality and safe all -transparent underwear, cleaning and maintenance is also very important.Try to wash as much as possible, do not use the washing machine, it is best not to wash hot water, otherwise it will destroy elasticity and fabric.At the same time, it is not advisable to expose it, and the UV under the clear sun may also stretch or damage the fabric.

Full transparent underwear market price

The prices of all transparent underwear are different, and they have changed according to factors such as fabrics, craftsmanship and brand.The price of all brands of transparent underwear may be more expensive, but it will be more assured and safe to use.Of course, the price is not absolutely good and bad, you can choose according to your own economic strength.

Object of all transparent underwear

Fully transparent underwear is not suitable for every woman, because women with fat accumulation and immature are not suitable for wearing, and they will seem uncoordinated.In addition, too sensitive women and women with heavy natural smell should also wear less, so as not to cause unnecessary embarrassing things.Therefore, if you want to try full transparent underwear, you must pay special attention to your own body and not confident enough.

Fashionable matching of all transparent underwear

Sometimes full transparent underwear can also be used as a fashion element. For example, you can match loose dresses or long -sleeved T -shirts to make people unable to see through the full transparent underwear in the inside.Curiosity.


In short, full transparent underwear is a very sexy underwear. Be careful when wearing, should not be exposed and improperly worn, otherwise it may bring unnecessary trouble and embarrassment to others.When you are very confident, if you choose it, then it will definitely become your best friend.

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