Women’s self -made sexy sheet


Interest underwear has become an indispensable element in modern women’s sex life.Although there are various sexy underwear on the market, sometimes women encounter dilemma: sexy or quality?Price or comfort?In this article, we will explore how to make self -made perfect sexy underwear. It is sexy and not sacrificed comfort and durability, and the price is more affordable than the market price.


If you want to make your own sexy underwear, you need the following materials:

Stretch gauze or lace fabric (2.5-3 yards)

Belt (1.5-2 meters)

Chest pads (as needed)

Dunk or hook (2-3 pieces)

Sewing machine




First, you need to design a drawing for your sexy underwear.You can find some simple drawings from the Internet or create your own design.Some simple underwear designs include: cup type and T type.Make sure your design takes into account the comfort, durability and temptation you need.

Cut off

Use your drawings as a guide to cut the material into the shape of your choice.Depending on the design you choose, you may need two elastic gauze or lace fabric and thin band.Make sure your tailoring is accurate.

Sewing cup

Swipe the two elastic gauze or lace fabrics together to ensure that the sutures are external.Next, cut off the sutured fabric and mold.You can choose to put the chest pad into the cup to increase the thickness and more comfortable.

Sewing Straps

Sewing the thin band on the top of the cup.Sewing and suture it with the back.

Hook or buckle

Set a hook or button on the center of the rear of the cup so you can put on your underwear.

Sewing bottom

Switch the bottom to form it, and suture the thin band on both sides.Next, turn the underwear over and put the thin band through the back.

custom made

Try to put on underwear to see if you need to make some fine -tuning or adjustment.As needed, the thin band at the bottom of the bottom to achieve the best comfort.


Now you have successfully made your own sexy underwear!You can choose to dye, apply flowers, add details or bands.Based on your personal taste and preferences, it makes it more unique.

in conclusion

Self -made erotic underwear is a relatively simple and interesting thing.Not only sexy and comfortable, but also save some money.In the process of creating your perfect underwear, you can also use your imagination and creativity.Why not try it, you can also make the most suitable sexy underwear with yourself?

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