Will the sexy underwear be sent to a condom?

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of attractive, sexy and teasing underwear. It is different from the basic underwear wearing daily. Instead, it is used for special situations, such as dating, party, romantic dinner or bed activities.They may be a bra with perspective or lace, thin stockings, tight skirts or other color and forms of underwear.

Will sex underwear be sent to condoms?

In many cases, the sexy underwear does not have a condom.However, in some cases, merchants may provide gift sets including condoms, but this is not a standard.Moreover, they may suggest that you buy condoms, but not necessarily put them in sexy lingerie boxes.

Precautions for buying sex underwear

When buying sexy underwear, be sure to pay attention to all the detailed information provided by the merchant.When buying a sexy lingerie box, confirm whether it contains condoms.If not, you must buy and use them by yourself to ensure your sexual health and safety.In addition, you should buy the correct -sized sexy underwear to ensure comfort and safety.

The importance of condom

Constitution is one of the key protection equipment for sexual intercourse.They can reduce the risk of sexually transmitting infection, such as AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.Using condoms can also avoid contraceptive errors.Therefore, if you plan to conduct sexual activities in the situation of wearing sexy underwear, using a condom is essential.

How to wear condoms in sex underwear?

When wearing sexy underwear for sexual activities, you should put the condom on the bedside table or other easily reached places before taking off your clothes.Before performing sexual activities, make sure you and your partner have worked well.

Effectiveness and storage

The condom can provide up to 98 % of protection when used correctly, but if it is not used correctly, they can fail.The condoms that are expired or are stored in hot or humid also need to be avoided.To buy condoms, you should check its validity and integrity and store properly.

Recommendation of sexy underwear and condoms

When buying sexy underwear, some styles or forms of underwear may require special types of condoms.For example, some transparent or thin sexy underwear may need to use ultra -thin or ultra -sensitive condoms to maintain thin and sexy style.When buying a condom, choose the appropriate type and size suitable for your sexy underwear.

The unity of sexy underwear and condoms

Although sexy underwear and condoms are important protection equipment for sexual health, not all sexy underwear will come with condoms.Therefore, under any circumstances, you should ensure that wearing a condom to ensure safety and health.If you are not sure how to choose or use a condom, you can consult a professional doctor or sex health consultant to get suggestions.

in conclusion

To sum up the above content, the sexy underwear will not come with a condom.When using sexy underwear for sexual activities, using a condom is crucial to protect the sexual health of you and your partner.When buying underwear, please pay attention to the condoms and the correct size to ensure complete and comfortable.Use the correct condom to follow the guidelines and make proper storage to ensure the best results.

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