Why is there something on the top of the sexy underwear

Why is there something on the top of the sexy underwear

Falling underwear is one of the important props for sexy and gender role.In the design of sexy underwear, some styles add some things to the top of the head, which will cause people to have some doubts. Let’s see why the reason why sexy lingerie is topped with things and the classification and functions of these things.

I. Classification

The things on the top of the sexy underwear can be divided into two categories, one is the decorations such as bow, flowers, etc., and the other is the sexy head ring with vibers such as jumping eggs and vibration sticks.

II. Bow, flowers and other decorations

This headgear is mainly to increase the beauty and decorative effect of sexy underwear and enhance the aesthetic enjoyment.It is common in antique erotic underwear and lace sexy underwear. There are many colors and materials to choose from, thereby meeting the requirements of different people.When shooting sex photos or making videos, such decorations can play a good decorative effect.

III. The sexy head ring with vibrators such as jumping eggs and vibration rods

This head ring is usually at the center of the head, or a device on each side, which can be added with jumping eggs, vibration rods, electric rings, and so on.By placing these appliances in sensitive areas to bring stronger stimulus effects.This type of sexy underwear is particularly suitable for people who love stimulation and novelty.

IV. The function of the decoration on the head

Different head decorations have different functions.Decorations such as bow and flowers are mainly for beauty to enhance the visual impact and atmosphere of sexy underwear, while decorations such as jumping eggs and vibration sticks provide practical physiological stimuli.

V. The erotic lingerie of the ring jumping egg

The sexy underwear with a head ring jumping egg is generally used in design. It usually uses a variety of different colors, shapes and materials. It is often used in the dressing dance or other night gatherings to increase the charm of the wearer.At the same time, for users, it can also bring a strong stimulus effect and increase the pleasure of sexual life.


The sexy underwear with a head ring vibration rod is very similar to the sexy underwear with the head ring jumping egg.It can enhance the sexy image of the wearer, and at the same time, it can also have a strong stimulus effect in sex, which greatly increases sexual interest.


The sexy underwear with decorations usually go through some more complicated handmade craftsmanship, so there are more styles and good quality.And the style of this sexy underwear is very diverse, in line with the needs of various users, and the playability is also very strong.


The erotic underwear with a vibrator mainly brings stimulating the physiological effect to users, allowing users to increase enjoyment in sex.Some sexy underwear can bring a variety of different vibration modes, and can even be controlled remotely, increasing the user’s fun; but it should be noted that cleaning and hygiene should be guaranteed during use, so cleaning and cleaning and after operation need to be cleaned and need to be cleaned.disinfect.

IX. Summary

From the above analysis, it can be seen that why the top of the top of the sexy underwear is mainly to increase the beauty of the sexy underwear, decorative effect, and zero distance experience in sexual life.Different styles of head ring can meet different user needs, while the head ring with a vibrator allows users to get greater fun and satisfaction in sexual life.

X. Conclusion

The reason why the sexy lingerie is topped with things, but the reason is different, but in general to meet the needs of users, increase sexual interest and life mood.Pay attention to consideration and military regulations when using, because sexy underwear is a prop and enjoying life.

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