Wife wears a sexy underwear for ex -boyfriend

Background introduction

In a relationship, the use of sexy underwear can increase the tightness of interest and emotion.However, if one side wears a sexy underwear to his ex -boyfriend, it will cause a crisis of partner relationship.


Recently, my wife and I spent a Golden Week.However, one night, when I went home, I found my wife wearing a bright set of sexy underwear.This surprised me, because we didn’t discuss anything about sexy underwear before.In the end, I asked her what was going on, and she told me that this set of sexy underwear was actually prepared for her ex -boyfriend, but she finally decided to wear it to me.I feel very unpleasant, because this thing is to deviate from our trust.


I started to ask my wife why she wanted to wear sexy underwear for her ex -boyfriend. She said that when they were together, she also worn this set of sexy underwear, and she once deliberately bought this sexy underwear for this boyfriend.

Emotional excitement

In the face of his wife’s explanation, I feel at a loss and feel very angry at the same time.I think my wife can buy other sexy underwear, but they should not give any others.I think this is a serious trust issue in the partner relationship.

Emotional vent

In the following hours, I felt very angry and sad.I was disappointed with my wife’s behavior and could not accept this reality.I started to be silent and autistic, and I have not vent the news to anyone in the past few days.

Emotional adjustment

Although I am still angry and dissatisfied with my wife’s behavior, I also started to reflect on my problems in my relationship with my partner.I realize that there is insufficient communication between us and need more communication and understanding.I gradually adjusted my mentality and re -started the dialogue with my wife.

Dredge solution

Through some communication and discussion, I gradually solved the problems in our relationship.I told my wife that I couldn’t accept her to wearing sexy underwear to others, and she also realized the mistakes of her behavior.We discussed some action plans, including more exchanges, mutual trust and respect.

Trust reconstruction

After dealing with this incident, I feel that the relationship between us has become closer and closer.Although this experience is not easy, we have successfully passed this test and made breakthroughs in trust and interaction.


I found that trust and communication in partner relationships are very important.The use of sexy underwear must also be carried out on the basis of mutual understanding and consent.We need to work together to ensure that our relationship is more stable and healthy.


Trust in partner relations is a precious resource, we need to cherish and work hard.When we encounter disputes and problems, we should actively explore and communicate, and resolve contradictions through respect and trust.In this way, we can grow up together and better to our relationship.

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