Why do women don’t like sexy underwear

Introduction: The heat of the sexy underwear has soared, but it is not welcomed by women

At present, the popularity of sexy underwear has continued to soar, and various new styles and new design have emerged endlessly.However, it is confusing that so many sexy underwear is sought after by a large number of men, but does not get the recognition and love of women?

The first reason: uncomfortable

The material used in sex underwear is special. It is usually made of chemical fiber, velvet, artificial cotton and other materials, but it rarely uses comfortable and breathable natural fibers, such as cotton and silk.In this way, the dressing experience of sexy underwear is not as good as ordinary underwear, lacks a comfortable feeling, and has greater damage to the skin. Therefore, women do not have a cold for sexy underwear.

Second reason: unre practical

No matter what the sexy underwear is, it must pursue sexy and visual impact to some extent.This pursuit often affects the practicality of sexy underwear. For example, the design of the underwear is too complicated, which is not conducive to daily wear; the shape of the bra is exaggerated, and the chest shape cannot be well supported, resulting in uncomfortable dressing.This non -practicality exacerbates women’s disgust of sexy underwear.

The third reason: the size is not complete

Because the design of sexy underwear is usually a niche market, it is not like ordinary underwear, and it is rich in size to choose from.Therefore, many women cannot find the right size, or they can only choose a style that is not suitable for them.This further exacerbates women’s disgust and rejection of sexy underwear.

The fourth reason: concept constraint

It is undeniable that Chinese traditional aesthetic concepts are not allowed to show their sexy in public in public.Therefore, many women have a negative attitude towards erotic underwear, and they feel that wearing will be regarded as cheap and can not be decent.The constraints of this concept make it difficult for sexy underwear to be popular and accepted among women.

Fifth reason: cultural differences

As a new way of dressing and cultural phenomena, sexy underwear is different in different countries and regions, and even different people.In China, especially under the influence of traditional social culture, sexy underwear is difficult to be accepted by women.

Sixth reason: difference in gender cognition

Men and women have different perceptions of sex. Men pay more attention to the sexy experience of the vision, while women pay more attention to emotion and internal feelings.Sex underwear often emphasizes visual effects, and it is easy to cause resentment among women.This differentiation is also a reason why women do not like sexy underwear.

Seventh reason: social pressure

In addition to being worn in private occasions, sexy underwear is difficult to enter public places in most cases.In the face of a variety of ordinary underwear and sexy underwear, women often have a certain social pressure, and psychologically tend to choose ordinary underwear to maintain a popular image and mentality.

The eighth reason: the quality of quality

The quality of sexy underwear in the market is also uneven.In the face of the sexy underwear of various brands and styles, it is difficult for buyers to distinguish their quality and performance, and often hesitant and uneasy when choosing.This is one of the reasons why women don’t like sexy underwear.

Ninth reason: personal preference

In addition to the above reasons, personal preferences are also an important factor for women to like sex underwear.Not all women like sexy and exaggerated underwear. They prefer some natural and comfortable underwear, and they will be more inclined to this type of underwear when choosing.

Conclusion: Various reasons cause women to dislike sexy underwear

Judging from the above reasons, women do not like sexy underwear are not a single reason, but a complex phenomenon.If you want women to like sexy underwear, you need to start from multiple aspects, such as improving the comfort and practicality of underwear, establishing a healthier, open, and inclusive social and cultural atmosphere, and promoting healthy, scientific, and emotional sex education concepts, etc.EssenceOnly in this way can women accept and appreciate sexy underwear more.

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