Why do sex underwear open the crotch

What is the open crotch of sexy underwear

Sex underwear is a special underwear designed to increase sex, commonly in sexual products stores.The open crotch design is a common design in sexy underwear. It usually sets up the crotch opening in the lower part, so that the wearer will perform sexual activities without taking off the underwear.

The historical source of the open crotch design

The history of open crotch sex lingerie can be traced back to ancient dew pants. The design of this pants has a similar open crotch design.In modern times, open crotch erotic underwear has also become one of the essential props for sex games or role -playing. Many sex toys even use similar opening design.

What are the types of open crotch design

There are two main opening designs for open crotch sex underwear: front opening and rear opening.The design of the front opening usually shows the opening of the crotch forward, and the design of the latter opening appears as the opening of the crotch facing the back. Its choice depends on personal preferences and needs.

Suitable for who wears the open crotch of sexy underwear

Open crotch erotic underwear is not suitable for everyone to wear.Usually the open crotch design of sexy underwear is suitable for people with existing sexual experience or role -playing games between couples.Because when wearing, those who need to wear a certain self -confidence and comfort, otherwise it will affect the experience of sex.

Materials for open crotch design

The material of the open crotch erotic underwear is usually mainly soft, comfortable, and breathable materials to ensure that the wearer feels a comfortable sex experience when using it.Common materials include: lace, silk, wool, etc.

The style and style of the open crotch sex lingerie

The style and style of open crotch sex lingerie are also very rich. From sexy, sensuality, sorrowful styles to warm, cute, and sweet styles.You can choose the open crotch erotic underwear that suits you according to his preference and sex style.

Open crotch sex underwear match

The combination of open crotch sex lingerie also needs to be paid attention to. Generally, it is necessary to match with decorations such as suitable tops or hip skirts, boots, fish net socks to ensure the unity of overall sexy and style.

How to correctly wear the open crotch of sexy underwear

Pay attention to the following points in the open crotch wearing sexy underwear:

Before wearing, you need to understand the opening location to ensure that the opening is exactly corresponding to the position of the genitals;

When wearing, you need to be properly relaxed to avoid affecting the comfort and experience of wearing;

After wearing, pay attention to hygiene, replace underwear or clean in time;

When conducting sexual activities, we need to pay attention to hygiene and safety, and take safety measures to avoid infectious diseases or other sexually transmitted diseases.

The difference between open crotch sex lingerie and ordinary underwear

The biggest difference between open crotch sex lingerie and ordinary underwear is functionality.The role of ordinary underwear is to protect the body and improve the beauty of the wearer; and the open crotch sex underwear puts the needs of the wearer first. The focus is on convenient sex activities and improve sexual experience.

in conclusion

In general, the design of open crotch sex underwear is designed to improve the sexual experience. Those who need to have a certain self -confidence and comfort need to be paid attention to hygiene and safety issues.Therefore, you need to carefully understand the opening of the opening before use, and you need to relax properly when you wear it. You need to replace the underwear or clean the underwear in time after you finish the completion. At the same time, you need to pay more attention to hygiene and safety measures when performing sexual activities.

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